Strange New Worlds

As I begin making use of this new blog for announcing to the world strange and new discoveries I have made, I will also hope to provide a fresh and altogether unconventional perspective to you, my dear readers! Yes, we are about to embark on a whole new journey together, one that will be hopefully filled with fun, sun, puns and most importantly, enough dry wit to make a martini.

Now, that the hard part’s over. Time to properly introduce myself. My name is Jerrick Lim Jieq. The Jieq is an embarassment provided by my lovely Father, who I will thank eternally for making my life ever so much more complete. After all who doesn’t need a Q at the back of his name! I do very much like that about my name actually, as the Lao Wais i.e Gui Los, ang mohs, foreigners, will have a hell of a time trying to pronounce my name. Even though it is probably the simplest Chinese name anyone can have. 林杰 is how it is written in mandarin. Lin Jie is the pinyin pronounciation. Why he couldn’t have simply used Lim Jie is beyond me. My name it is, its over and done, lets move on. (I bitch about myself, isn’t that refreshing)

Up until recently, I lived in the fair city of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Spent two years of the best years of my life, breathing in the fumes of progress, the dust of industrialisation, and did not manage to get any action from the fair ladies of Suzhou! (I apologise to you Gloria in advance, I am wearing my ring, please don’t rape me… well… I’ll put up a token show of resistance) Nevertheless, it was a life changing experience, where I met fascinating people from many different countries. All of whom are and will remain my friends.

Upon moving back to Singapore in early July of this year of 2006, I have discovered a Singapore not much different from the Singapore of 2 and a 1/2 years ago. The people are still friendly, (contrary to what the Reader’s Digest says… We’ll come back to that some other time). The food fantastic, the heat reassuring, the people fascinating. I could go on. There is however one change in my horison. I will shortly be joining the Armed Forces of Singapore(sic) . I will be undergoing mind numbingly dull work, and naturally will be stripped of all my individuality. I say it like its a good thing eh? Of course, you, my dear readers, will provide a suitable outlet. Or at least an avenue for me to have intelligent conversation with the world. So I thank you in advance, patient readers, for you, *sniff sniff* make me who I am…

The choice of name Crossed Destinations is rather simple. For although the title Coffee, Black, is just about a handle for me. (pichu1988, Yes well, let us move past that shall we?) I needed something unique for my blog. It seems rather apt in my opinion. Afterall, I live in a country that is crossed between two worlds, the East and the West, I recently left a country in the process of reasserting its own foothold on the world, trying valiently to fuse Eastern and Western influences, Communist (yes well Technically Communist if you want to nitpick) and Capitalist, Totalitarian and Democratic, etc. It seems to me that my life is frequently about crossings, about 十字路口, so why not make a blog about my adventures through the meandering places that I cross, about the beautiful and the fugly. I think I may even surprise myself in the process, and hopefully, dear reader, I will surprise you.


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