For those of you out there in the know, WoW or World Of Warcraft, is a Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game. Its incredible appeal stems from its long lineage, with a rich and colourful storyline that dates back to the good ol’ days of Warcraft.

I have never been a huge fan of the Roleplaying game genre. I find it too much hassle to go around whacking things in order to gain level. However, I think I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of WoWing. I’ve set up a new Charecter on a PvP (player versus player) server and have a nice gleaming female Level 5 Human Paladin. On Icecrown, the server with my main Char, my Troll Mage named Drkcoffee (Lvl 25), I’ve been slowly but steadily working my way through the quests, I’ve now managed to clear out some of those smelly old quests that I cannot stand doing and may finally be on my way to another part of the game or sommat. Eitherway, I am truly proud of my brother Huezin’s achievements with his Dwarf Hunter. Its a great char, with lotsa cash. I am glad we can play this game together. Hopefully in the process pass a lot of time and who knows maybe become involved in one of those torrid internet relationships we’ve read so much about!

I think I’m gonna go for Dinner soonish. It seems the right thing to do, because it seems like if I don’t I’ll end up just sitting around playing more WoW or Age Of Empires.


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