My 18th Birthday Champagne

Gather round my children, I shall tell you this interesting thing I learnt just now from my God Mother that happened after my birthday celebration. I went to the Lim Family (on my mother’s side) family home(ish) and we had the whole shebang, by our own lofty standards. My contribution was 400 grams of meat. Yes, meat, but from Crystal Jade, so very very good meat. We went downstairs, me and my feisty grandmother, to the neighbourhood hawker centre, and bought a bunch of stuffs back home. Hokkien Mee, Stingray, yes, food that is artery clogging and yes its my birthday, so yes, I let my guard down. We also ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. It was surprisingly edible. (Of course, nothing compared to Pete’s Place or Garibaldi’s, don’t strike me down, Gods of Italian Cuisine!!!) And who was to show up but my cousin in the air force, Xiang, along with the parental units. I really do like those members of the family, they are fun, and actually like technology! Like me, but on a slightly less fanatical level. (YES! Buy an Intel Core 2 Duo but not anything else!!! NO, No ATI, Nvidia all the way!!! 133t H8xx00rz!!!!)

Anyway, I brought along with my meat, two bottles of drinks, A bottle of Sparkling grape juice, and Champagne. Proper Champagne, from the Champagne region in France. The family finished off the Grape Juice in about 10 minutes, and didn’t even touch the really really expensive stuff! It cost me 55SGD! (close to 300 RMB) I was a little disappointed, and I really can’t hold my liquor, I guess its a family trait. So ne grave pas, I left it to my Grandmother to pass on to apparently the only drinker in the family, one of the sisters.

Turns out they didn’t manage to give it off. What they did then, as I told them that Champagne goes bad *flat* in 3 days or so, was to put the champagne into whatever meat dishes they had during that week, and it turned out, “really really great lor!” I was throughly surprised, and a little disconcerted, but hey, my Grandmother at this point in her life managed to create a whole new genre of cooking, French haute cuisine-asian homestyle fusion! I’ll call it Frangapore Style Cooking! Haha… Maybe I should ask for her recipes! Hell maybe I should sell her recipes!


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