Here’s the day you hoped would never come.

The day you hoped would never come. That was today for me. Now gather close my pretties, while I tell you the story.

I woke up two days back and noticed I couldn’t call out from my home phone. Starhub had blocked my phone number because they hadn’t received any payment from me for my telephone number. Now therein laid the problem. I HAD infact been dutifully paying my bills, JUST not for what I thought was a telephone bill which I though was rolled into my Cable and Internet bills. Starhub had noted my address for the telephone bill INCORRECTLY. How on earth that happened while they got the correct address for my CABLE AND INTERNET bills is beyond me. However, I proceeded to get this issue resolved. and thus swiftly, it was beautifully brought to a conclusion. I paid my bill without too much fuss from a wildly sympathetic and helpful girl at the customer service center in Plaza Singapura. And was on my merry way.

ALSO my Nokia cellphone decided that now was a great time to die on me. Specifically the RINGER that is. I was vastly disappoint yesterday when at 8:15 PM at night while I was just alittle late from riding the bus with my wonderful Gloria to Bishan MRT, the customer service had to shoot me what I thought must have been the dirtiest look ever, like I was a retard and a pile of steaming poo lying on the ground. I was like ok FINE. But today when I went there at 5ish everything was beautiful. It must be the lack of sleep/overdose of cellphone smells that gave these people bad dispositions at 8 o clock. But now, as my cellphone is at the Nokia Care Center being fixed, I’m cellphoneless. No matter, I decided to find myself a replacement, for situations like this and such. Because you never know when you need a replacement cell.

I got myself a Samsung X160. Frankly a better phone than my 6021. The user interface has SOME tiny quirks that I can forgive it for in the main just Samsung style quirks. But I mean for the lack of bluetooth, it is THE perfect phone. HUGE Phonebook. Sigh, the lack of Bluetooth is infuriatingish. But I am seriously considering giving my Dad my 6021. Or My bro. Coz his phone could seriously use a refresh. HINT HINT Hue. Trade in your old one get a new one for yourself and give the 6021 to dad. See such a simple plan. MUAHAHA. Or Not, I may want both for myself. One for weekdays and one 2 party with:P LOL I’m a Fone whore.


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