The Expected

The expected,

The expected is what came.
What came to you in a flash of light.
When you know its going to happen.
A deja vu

You cannot help but ask why.
Why me?
Why did it come to me?

I expected it.
I did
Did expect it

Did I?
Why is this poem even called The Expected?

The phone rang and I was thinking,
just before about something mundane.
Something material, Something that always becomes insignificant.

Just before.
You know before the night falls
The Shadow
Just before they arrive.
I must be there!

I must make sure that this is not the end.
No, Never The End.
Fair Enough.

You expected it didn’t you? Didn’t you?!
If you did, then why are you being a little Puss.
A Puss which mews

She’s my grandmother.


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