The Fools

Don’t lie,
even when you don’t intend to,
even when the lies are small,
insignificant almost.

Don’t sarcase,
because for lack of a better word,
all too much sarcasm,
devours us.

Don’t assume,
all too often now we assume too much,
our intelligence getting ahead of us,
positions of inadequacy.

Don’t eat too many cookies,
you’ll get fat.

Don’t be a fool,
You’ll never manage to break the record,
for most sausages eaten in 12 minutes,
You’ll never be normal or whole,
You’ll should never sing.


Ok I’m done with this poem. There seems to be not enough going on in my life, and yet some days it feels like I couldn’t have a better life, with friends, family and all that all throughly thrown together in a mix of wondrous and godawfully bad. Kinda like a salad with a bad dressing.

The mess of modernity compels us to be the best at whatever we do, to be perfection and more. To give your 110%. To excel, to achieve excellence. Go Humanity!

You’re an imperfect being created by an imperfect being…
– The Borg Queen


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