A Day Late

This post comes a day late. It seems to me this post needs to come in a Sans Serif font.

Eitherway, 10 months of sweet bitterness has come to a timely end. I cannot and will not assign blame, (IT WAS ALL HER!) I cannot and will not talk about it, (BITCHES TO ALL THE GUYS WHO’LL LISTEN), I cannot and will not throw myself off a building, (THROWS HIMSELF INTO WORK), I cannot and will not do something stupid, (GOES OFF AND BUYS A CAR… EVEN THOUGH HE CAN’T DRIVE). Hi, My name is Chandler, I use jokes as a defense mechanism.

Most importantly, I will get over it.

Now moving swiftly along into other importante news. Spent a good night out with pals from the bad old days of SSIShood. Went down to the newly opened Hedkandi place, called Kandi bar. Wow! Really nice chillout bar, with appropriate MoS music and hella fun to sit outside and get over your ex, with appropriate short skirts and tight tight jeans.

Mmm, Champagne to celebrate the death of your relationship with a few of your guys back from the day… I really do love how some things just happen to be timed perfectly. Actually, I’m very lucky that in my life, I’ve been blessed with rather good timing. Going for the IB completely changed my educational career, going to SSIS completely changed the way I saw the world, in the most positive way, going to NS well, it just gives me time to think everything through.

I need comfort food, AH MA!!!!


The Fools

Don’t lie,
even when you don’t intend to,
even when the lies are small,
insignificant almost.

Don’t sarcase,
because for lack of a better word,
all too much sarcasm,
devours us.

Don’t assume,
all too often now we assume too much,
our intelligence getting ahead of us,
positions of inadequacy.

Don’t eat too many cookies,
you’ll get fat.

Don’t be a fool,
You’ll never manage to break the record,
for most sausages eaten in 12 minutes,
You’ll never be normal or whole,
You’ll should never sing.


Ok I’m done with this poem. There seems to be not enough going on in my life, and yet some days it feels like I couldn’t have a better life, with friends, family and all that all throughly thrown together in a mix of wondrous and godawfully bad. Kinda like a salad with a bad dressing.

The mess of modernity compels us to be the best at whatever we do, to be perfection and more. To give your 110%. To excel, to achieve excellence. Go Humanity!

You’re an imperfect being created by an imperfect being…
– The Borg Queen