My Loves

I don’t have many “romantic” loves. No love of the night sky, or the overly sweet, under satisfying popcorn you get from movie theatres that you buy anyway because its easier than popping some at home… Anyway, I don’t have many romantic loves, but I do have a few loves that made the past year so much better.

James Bond and De-Lovely. By entering my life, you brought me countless moments of reassurance, brought me pleasure when I thought none was to be found. (Mr Jer, I know you’re wondering why I didn’t mention RENT, allow me to come to that later)

Poetry, Writing, Blogging. Several people have made me more aware of the power of writing, I have to thank my A1 teach, Mr House, Mr P, Jer for this.

My Macbook, As I sang and wrote sonnets of praises for the Mac, all through my younger years, I never actually used a Mac, until September of this year, when I received a Macbook. It was much like having a new girlfriend, learning her tempers, finding out what pleased her, what pleased you about her, learning that she was only human… that sort of thing.

NS. NS has made me one thing, more appreciative of the smaller things in life, and treasuring the bigger things. It has thrust me into a position where I’m required to be for the first time, truly independent, its a thought that not only frightens me, but gives me strength.

My Guy Pals. They’ve been one thing and one thing only, my sanity all wrapped up in one convenient package, ready to be called for whenever needed, they can be stupid, they can be incredibly insane, but they’re all that keeps me from running round Orchard Road, with nothing but a tie and a Sarong on. In Clashing colours no less.

My Girl Pals. They’ve been my emotional rock. Always ready with a sarcastic comment, a quick jab, an easy laugh. Well most of them… the rest of them have just been great simply because of their presence.

My relatives. This year, I’ve learned most of their names, their “cheng hu”, and now it gives me a sense of pride to show the proper Chinese respect. It seems strange but some traditions, seemingly out of place in the world of First Names only, seems kinda nice, with its formality and its sense of history.

Here’s to the glorious Year of 2007. I wouldn’t want it any other way.


2 thoughts on “My Loves

  1. keep up this way and by the end of this brand new year u can print out all of ur blog entries and publish a good book!!
    love, ~ ur book fan

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