Find The Brightest Star, In The Sky, Simply Because You Can.

Sometimes, its difficult for me to raise my head to those flickering lights reminiscent of a badly pimped out PC, searching with a furrowed brow, the creases on my forehead straining to leave a mark, attempting to make me look older. Yet, somehow, occasionally, I find the time to gaze to the skies. Even though those spotlights, lining the well paved, impeccably cleansed streets of Singapore are trained upon me, awaiting my opening aria, somehow longing for me to fail in my attempt, somehow emptying me of what little strength is left. Left behind, by generations of ancestors, I hope that they’re up there, hiding behind those lights in the sky. Maybe behind a star, probably behind a satellite, knowing that’s the last place any human would look.

Wow, thats really badly written…

Ok. So this blog isn’t really much of a blog… just wanted to vent some creative spirit…? LOL.

Let there be love in this world, for there never can be enough…

I deleted your blog offa my Open Everyday bookmark list…

Step 1: You said we need to talk…

You walked…

Where did I go wrong, I lost a …
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save… This?

Its strange how Men are only able to “FEEL”, given a certain lag-time. Like we’re a badly programmed piece of software in that department. Like somehow God gave us all highly efficient logical processors, but forgot all about the day to day stuff…

Disclaimer: This post is not about HER. I think I’m over that. Its just about all that freakish emotional stuff that’s been going on in and around this time. Please don’t think I’m about to go get myself drunk and wake up in a dirty futon on the upper east side of Broadway, with nothing to wear but Borat’s swimtrunks and a tie. Next to some desperate New York hottie, the likes of which Sex and the City alluded to. Actually… that don’t sound so bad… considering I live in Singapore and us Chinese, Middle Class, Single, Fat men can only dream of living such a dystopian lifestyle that epitomises the American “Dream”…

Omg this Disclaimer is longer than my actual post…:D


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