The Test

The test, with you sitting in front of a computer screen,
staring ahead with a bitter taste of determination,
a sweet scent of deodorant,
the tang, ripe and tight of fear,
of possible disaster,
No… We will not fail!

We will not fail this simple,
These words in front of me,
with pictures,


Why not three colors for eternity too?
For the eternal struggle,
The test to find out, if you really are as smart as you think
you are, can be, will be, forever are remembered as being.

Those fools, they cram and cram, they become smart.
Where is their intelligence?
You without your ability to even converse,
with the low, the high.
You without your charms
With your plebian jokes,
your wittisms

HA! The true test!
Should be how you handle a real life situation,
the only test you ever need take.

How you handle being in love,
how you handle being fired from your job,
how you handle a pan.

Those false hoods,
Those falsities…
You can’t write about life unless you’re out experiencing it!

Yes, You can’t….



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