We All Look for Something

We all look for something to remember,
Something to remember him by,
Something for her memory of the moment,
Something that will stay with you forever.

How ironic then that the 21st century person is impelled,
forced, offered no alternative, but to take life at a rapidity,
that can only find a rival in the fastest Lamborguinis.
How disgusted I feel when I sit here,
staring at my keyboard when I’ve realised, a pen is not fast enough.
When it is what satisfied writers, poets, playwrights, for millenia.

I have/had/am having a great time,
so why the mild discomfort,
the slight pain in my side…

People always leave,
Or they don’t even show up.

Peyton was/is/will always be right.


One Day In Your Lifetime

Its another day in my life. I just got off the phone with my mother, and it was such a pleasant conversation. Its so strange, that its nearly impossible to have completely pleasant conversations with people and when you do, it often feels much too short. Sigh.

Kylie Minogue’s Spinning Around live on her showgirl tour, I am totally inspired by Kylie, her infectious dancing, vocals completely unique, and her showgirlship. She’s only just recovered from THE disease, Breast Cancer, and she’s already up and about singing, dancing and even doing slow remixes of her Old hits.

Here’s something odd, I’ll be taking my Final Theory Test for Driving before I even have a driving test. Sigh. Damn timetables.

I wanna Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Version-R

Will be going out shopping at Raffles Place later, Alone. Without anyone.

Its in your eyes, I can tell what you’re thinking, my heart is thinking too…

I’ve just realised Kylie can make a great jazz singer with just a little retraining…

Windows Vista on my PC, its not exactly inspiring, but it is quite nice to have.