Its not Ok.

It was ok. Just ok.

I can’t wait for the USA, to take me away from my work, my insanity.
And to another place, of cousins, of huge portions, of complete and utter multiculturalism,
of mass consumption, of mass …

My thoughts for the 33…

You were innocent, and it happened either way,
you were guilty but no one can blame your going postal, if you were really just deranged.
Is no one then to blame?
The Second Amendment,
The lax laws,
The lack of preparation?
Should we blame the systems? That which is supposed to protect us?
I blame but one system, which supposes ideal conditions,
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” (Second Amendment to the Constitution.)
I cannot believe that. The argument that the “people” should be allowed to bear arms, because they are then “free” because that means they are “free” to impose terror, fear, etc. over others through their arms. Yes, they should be allowed to protect themselves, and how else but through arms. I understand that, but persons, the individual, is foolish, they are not trained, they are nowhere near qualified to be a “well regulated militia”. Allow them to bear arms, but at what cost freedom? From my Singaporean perspective, we are freer for a lack of arms, we are free to stroll in the streets surrounded by people of different races, religions, beliefs, disbeliefs, or lack of all of the above.

It is not likely that the Americans will ever figure this one out, and I don’t pretend to be an expert. I suppose in the end, nothing much will change. The right will criticise the government for trying to intervene, the left will beg for more controls and in the end, the status quo must remain. In the end, I can only say one thing, humans are stupid individually, but as a group that stupidity is only multiplied. Ouch.

The above post took a turn for the dark. And I apologise, once again I must categorically state that I’m but a student, and my opinion is only that, my opinion. I am personally shocked, and know that the bottom line is, some people die, It is truly regrettable. My condolences for the lost, my sympathies to ROK.

The Aftermath

It turned out not to be so bad.

I did receive a word of appreciation. Which filled me with inordinate joy. Ish

I did receive the apologetic looks all round.

I did also get the adulation and love of all these various people from various places all over the place when things well almost entirely exactly how it was supposed to be.

My god there were so many suppositories in that last sentence.

But I’m still not happy with the entire lack of appreciation… Etc. Ah well. I am looking forward to my Puma shoes which I ordered.

My Devil Wears Prada Moment

So today was my very own authentic The Devil Wears Prada moment. I’ll provide the checklist, you provide the sympathetic looks.

1) Drive By Management: Remember to do A B and C while I go off to enjoy time off that’s been granted to me!

2) Know how to do basic movie editing, yes? Good, now create 2 clips, one thirty second one, and another 1 minute one, based on my creation, using your own time, and your own DVDs. Oh and make sure it looks great when even though my original was mediocre to be kind, awful to be frank.

3) Nope, didn’t like that, What’s THAT its TECHNO? We can’t have techno in our shows! No, lets redo it, with photos, and without any sort of direction provided, lets have pictures of people doing you know stuff that we do!

4) OH wait! No, the Order is wrong and OH MY GOD, you didn’t include one detail that, comically tragic almost, is an added feature that requires the use of an extremely long antennae! Oh and find me more pictures, why don’t we have pictures of non-operational jobs!

Wait, for it, Wait for it.

5) Oh scratch that, lets just use something that the department that’s supposed to be handling such communcations in the first place to complete a piece in an hour, and lets not forget to mention, with a loud and noisy soundtrack. Coincidentally, let’s conveniently forget that you spent a good portion of 3 days trying to do that slide show for y’all. Oh and wait up, don’t go, I need you to move a table up stage, down stage, no wait up stage, down stage, with little or no regard for the fact that you actually have a lesson to be going off too and its pissing down cats and dogs.

6) Follow me tomorrow, but for now let me give you the vague instruction that you are to be my Ka-Kia, and hence run around for me. I can do that, would you like to chase my tail first. and pant? Like a dog?

Thank god, though it’ll all be over tomorrow.

Oh Right… NOT me…

Realising after a while,
that she said it just so it’d sound nice,
and what is society without its varied niceties
Teasing you with their long-suffering looks

Hey, its fine by me,
Just lost all interest,
Nord, Sud, Est…
Not the best though, not the best.

All Right, not too bad.
Have learnt sometimes what someone says,
and seems to mean,
doesn’t quite seem,
quite as binding,
in the light of bided time.

The people I’m interested in, properly and fully let me down,
those that I’m not prefer to simply fuck around with my mind.
The above two lines not directed at you,
you pompous prancing self indulged nincompoop.

Round and around, I spin,
I’ll just listen to my Kylie,
Loving each minute, is she
telling me she likes it like this?

Empty Modernity,
Delightful in all its sophistication,
is simplicity so much better?
No, I need my sophistication,
my subtle jokes,
my laughter that does not betray my contrarian inclinations…

The associated guilt.
HA Bullspit,
Go ahead and feel nothing,
For nothing, not one thing,
to the rolling of the dice.
your twenty sided ones. 🙂