My Devil Wears Prada Moment

So today was my very own authentic The Devil Wears Prada moment. I’ll provide the checklist, you provide the sympathetic looks.

1) Drive By Management: Remember to do A B and C while I go off to enjoy time off that’s been granted to me!

2) Know how to do basic movie editing, yes? Good, now create 2 clips, one thirty second one, and another 1 minute one, based on my creation, using your own time, and your own DVDs. Oh and make sure it looks great when even though my original was mediocre to be kind, awful to be frank.

3) Nope, didn’t like that, What’s THAT its TECHNO? We can’t have techno in our shows! No, lets redo it, with photos, and without any sort of direction provided, lets have pictures of people doing you know stuff that we do!

4) OH wait! No, the Order is wrong and OH MY GOD, you didn’t include one detail that, comically tragic almost, is an added feature that requires the use of an extremely long antennae! Oh and find me more pictures, why don’t we have pictures of non-operational jobs!

Wait, for it, Wait for it.

5) Oh scratch that, lets just use something that the department that’s supposed to be handling such communcations in the first place to complete a piece in an hour, and lets not forget to mention, with a loud and noisy soundtrack. Coincidentally, let’s conveniently forget that you spent a good portion of 3 days trying to do that slide show for y’all. Oh and wait up, don’t go, I need you to move a table up stage, down stage, no wait up stage, down stage, with little or no regard for the fact that you actually have a lesson to be going off too and its pissing down cats and dogs.

6) Follow me tomorrow, but for now let me give you the vague instruction that you are to be my Ka-Kia, and hence run around for me. I can do that, would you like to chase my tail first. and pant? Like a dog?

Thank god, though it’ll all be over tomorrow.


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