SMUN and a Quick Update

Ok, First up, latest news, I have a nice haircut and somehow I’ve managed to get my hair to become soft again but I think I still will have to condition it a lot, argh. And I finished a carton of Sobe Soy Bean Milk just now, so delish, but its like 1 whole litre of it. Lol. I also have the worst suntan in the history of mankind, why you may ask? Well as one stands in the sun for hours as one trains for the National Day Parade without the blessed protection of Sunblock, one’s tan will develop in the shape of one’s bent arms, or one’s uniform’s sleeves/collar. Thus I have a V-shaped burn on my neck, and like this ass shaped one on my forearm and triceps. Anyway…

Came back from SMUN yesterday and seriously I was amazed at how great the event was, I mean yeah, there were some organisation and logistical difficulties, but I pardon them because they were organised by students for students and didn’t have the guiding light of a dictatorial bureaucrat, a.k.a a teacher.

Anyway, Just a few points I have to make and hope that the Singaporean censors won’t get to me,
1) JC students in Singapore have CHANGED, i mean really, I always had this stereotype in my mind that JC students here were like muggalicious and totally unable to have fun, and right wingers, but it turns out they can have fun, and being a mugger is actually cool because it means when you relax-ay-voo you REALLY relax, and lastly, well I haven’t asked them bout their political opinions but they seem pretty liberal

2) I am not that different from them. Lol DUH right? But I was totally afraid that I’d be like the big tall guy who speaks with a funny accent and should be laughed at, but the people there were really quite accepting and completely easy to get along with, of course it probably helped that I was completely shameless at the conference and like did all kinds of embarrassing things.

3) If this is the direction Singapore, and Singaporeans are taking with regards to their political world view, and their view of themselves in the world, then I can say that I’m truly proud to be Singaporean, there’s no lack of enthusiasm for engaging with world issues, and definitely a desire to know, about history, about the future, about ‘most anything, and not just memorising f=ma or an-ions and cat-ions

and Lastly) F.A.M., the Food Aligned Movement, with its 6 or so permanent members will declare itself ready to eat and travel the distance to eat. We shall meet and enjoy the pleasures that comes with imbibing and quaffing and devouring.
















Pictures attached above


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