The Slow Dances

Developments that he never,

She thought about how it might have been,
and he wondered how it must have been,
she spent her days travelling,
he wished he could remember his travails,
she understood,
he defenestrated all notions of even comprehending.

The smooth jazz trumpet,
gave his heart a fillip,
That’s the way he liked to be touched,

Her every dance made him fantacise,
And there were places
places that he let his eyes roam to,
that wouldn’t have been
allowed in public places,
his mind wondered,
his soul a mess of desiry thirst,
tonight he would drink from the cup,
of lonely self-satisfaction.

that brought him to his senses,
and awakened him to the light of,
Manly rationality,
the awareness that
it was a sweet, sober and yet melancholic
like Valrhona. It left no trace of an aftertaste,
just the bittersweet memory.

He stood,
and raised his appendages,
and applauded,
the woman who brought to life all the,
pains, all the furies, the malcontents, the
described and impossible.

He knew it was time to go,
and yet he lingered,
his eyes straying,
one last time to
the slow dance,


2 thoughts on “The Slow Dances

  1. Hissssssss why can’t I comment on the I heart USA post >0< It’s University of California, Berkeley, or UC Berkeley or just Cal – not Berkeley University silly lol!
    >0< Very nice poem by the way – I wonder what inspired this? @_@ Hehe

  2. Er, oopz. Thanks Wayne, will correct it tout suite!~ and I don’t know why can’t you comment on it. And i donno, just in the moment, and that great song from swordfish was on:P

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