Ocean’s 13

Ok so most people would come into it thinking, Hmm, another sequel, Blah Blah Blah right? Well I came into it with a very positive mindset. Its George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and of course, Ol’ Matty Damon, who can’t seem to go wrong these days.

First, a quick summary. Danny Ocean’s (Clooney) pal, Ruben , gets screwed over by an evil SoB named Willy Bank. Yes. Willy. Bank. Sounds like a ED solving solution, but anyway, naturally revenge is on the books for our favourite anti-heroes, and the leaders of this plot, Ocean and Rusty (Pitt), pull the gang together for one mega heist: To divest Mr Bank of the millions taken in at his new er thingy shaped casino. Mr Bank and his… deprived PA Abigail Sponder are powerless to stop Danny and the gang, and the only thing we as an audience miss, is the explosive delights of Ms Julia Roberts’ Smile.

Ok, so review.

The movie is wonderful, a brilliantly conceived caper, with plenty of comic moments, well timed rejoinders, ill conceived madcap obstacles, and of course who can forget the tunnel digger from the French side of the Chunnel. The double entendres are not missing from this episode of Ocean’s adventures, and of course the sartorial delights that have been present since the very first movie are still alive and kicking. Danny Ocean even found time to poke fun at Mr. Pitt’s abundance of kids! There’re no lack of plot twists here, and certainly no lack of energy from the aging cast. The movie is a success simply because it doesn’t need to try too hard. It works, everything falling into place easily without too much coaxing of your tired brain.

One strange thing I observed in the theatre though, was that me and my friend, I’ll call him D, were probably the only ones really laughing in the whole theatre. I heard Chuckles, I heard Whispers, (probably questioning my sanity) but no outright guffaws. How bizarre, or is it just me? Ah well. I enjoyed it, and if you’re up for some light entertainment disguised in a sophisticated veneer of slick clothes, effective nasal aphrodisiacs, and witty repartee, you’ll definitely enjoy it too. If not, just go catch Shrek 3. I’m sure your 8 year old cousin and you’ll have something to talk about then.


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