What a WEEK!

So we all know that it is impossible to have a nice uneventful week in the life of Jerrick. And it turns out this past week has almost had the texture of my used socks. For some reason its hard in places where it should be soft, and soft and thin where it should be nice and supportive.

Last Friday I had my first dinner with my cousin with a long time, we had crab, we saw awkward looking sculptures in East Coast Park and we made fun of the lovers by the seaside. Yep, good times.

Saturday saw the return of my Mom, to our fair country of Singapore! Singapore!!! We had a great run, until she had to leave Sunday. We hung out watched King Lear with the great Sir Ian Mckellen, whom I have a poster of now hanging in my Living room. And other news.

I’ve failed my driving test though. For the first time, and majorly. Like 46 points failure out of 18 points. (theoretically its 20 points but you can’t get 20 coz that’d fail you… and so 18 is the max that you can get without failing and You can’t get any immediate failures. I failed actually coz of my completely humiliating parking.) Humiliation, blah. But what to do what to do.

It appears that I have been slow. As usual to post this up. Sigh. Whatever Its over. I’m late. Blah. I am feeling tall and uncomfortable.


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