My Day of… Freedom!

Today is Saturday. A day for relaxation, for rest, comforts that would not normally be accorded to a person on a weekday. However in recent months my involvement in our Nation’s National Day Parade, rendered my Saturdays comepletely and utterly destroyed. This is the first Saturday that I have been able to actually have some Me time. Though it did mean waking up at 730 and having slept at like… 2 the previous night I’m tired as … well something that is known to be very tired.

So what did I do on this wonderful day?

First down to Geek Terminal for this week’s Podcast on the new iPods and other tech news. Tech65 is Singapore’s premier gadget enthusiast website and I am proud to be a member of the Tech65 team.

*Shamless Plug over*

After a coffee fueled podcast, I hopped over to Bukit Batok to get an appointment with my Dentist and got a freakishly decayed tooth filled in. Also happened to be freakishly painful.

Lunch at Gran’s and I went home to clean up my house. Yes, But its nice and… neat now. No papers strewn all over the place. NO more clothes all over the place. Books where they should be. And yeah the underwear is where its supposed to be… *Don’t ask*

I’m proud of myself now…. Really am proud…


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