A Request

I find that recently, I’ve been actively taking the apathetic route. I haven’t been caring enough about my health, about my pet cause of International Affairs, of Human rights in general, of my cousins down in Ang Mo Kio. And what has taken its place? What seems to be endless spending on extravagance, and I say No More. *well save for those books preparing me for law school*. No more to the needless extravagance, no more to the effortless spending of money and most importantly no more to living life on material.

I’m gonna do 3 things,
Spend Less Cash
Get out more and enjoy myself more
Lose Lots of Weight

A few other things?
Learn French again
Get a less inflated opinion of myself
Fix this vacation mess of mine


2 thoughts on “A Request

  1. perhaps christianity has taken over your heart. not such a bad thing if you don’t have a heart to start with; but one ought to take due caution in fiddling with scripture fire.

  2. I am tired about everything being about me being christian? Before, If I had posted such a post it would’ve just been another attempted at postmodernism. Now its about spirituality? I do take heart. I Do THINK, I do try and understand something what I am to follow. As one should not mistake the prejudiced opinions certain people for those of ALL christianity, one MUST not mistake one person’s prejudice for something higher, truer or even more correct. Grey occurs more than Black or White ever does!

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