Its been way to long.

My dear blog, its been way too long. I’m sorry and I promise I will make up for it.

I just came home from watching a movie 1408. It sucks. Its a scary piece of poo. SIGH I hate scary flicks. And yet I kinda love them its such a strange love hate relationship.

I have also just bought Natalie Cole’s rendition of I Say a Little Prayer for You, absolutely delicious version of this classic song. Her sultry voice and delicious vocals makes me all happy inside, despite my lingering fear that I’ll be stabbed in my bed tonight or something.

Lets see, what else. China. I was in China recently as many of you all know. I got to see a much larger number of people than I expected to. I saw Joce, my dear sweet Joce; Lillian, a day before she left for France; Kim Dong-Hyun, the Korean dude; Carola, the German chick; lets see, who else. Mr House and Mrs. Brough, and a whole bunch of SSISians that I miss and love. I felt terrible that I couldn’t stay longer but I did get to see one thing I would have been remiss to miss, The Suzhou Museum, designed by I.M. Pei. Its an amazing amalgamation of the past, present and conceivably the future of architecture and design.

I’m getting name cards made, somehow its making me a lot more excited than I should be.

Tomorrow, I’ll get going on half day of off-duty, to do what? Get my hard drive which I bought at COMEX replaced for the right one that I had asked for in the first place, on and also get the right CASE that I had asked for and bought at COMEX! Argh infuriating world, and all that is in it. But after that, I have an a cappella concert to attend. I love being in Singapore and living in this fair country.