The Airbus A380 is out, And Leopard’s Coming 26th Oct

Today, Singapore Airlines took delivery of their first Airbus A380. And with it launched a new product, Suites. This is meant to be “a class beyond first”. And truly it is. For 1000 Euros an hour you get to experience your own room, much like those found on luxury yachts, high end exclusive hotels and even your own lavishly furnished, plushly designed house, and of course all this in the air and to the tune of service that other airlines talk about. I am naturally curious and immensely desirous. A room all to myself, nay to me and someone else even? What a dream come true. Though seriously this product would never be rolled out on any other class of aircraft isn’t that wonderful. Its exclusivity defined!

Leopard, Apple’s newest operating system will be rolling out soon. The 26th of October at 6PM Western Time. Though I think I’m supposed to get it on the 26th itself here in Singapore… I took the liberty of preordering it. Heh. Grandma! Keep a look out for me… I can’t wait for Time Machine! And BOOTCAMP!


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