Karma Kettle and Rhapsody


These pictures are from this quaint little eatery near Serene Centre which has only been around for a couple of months. Now the interesting thing is I had passed by this restaurant for that whole two months fully intending to try it out and today, I gave in et Voilá! C’est Quel Supris. It has a rather quirky design concept, with cute little objet d’art placed artfully all around, and yet occasionally slipping into the Victorian sense of style, mildly disconcerting, but not at all unpleasant. In fact, I sense a distinct sense of humour about it all, that can only be described as perfect for the blend of food served at this restaurant.

The set meal I ordered, would’ve been for all intents and purposes boring. And the soup was exactly that, the classic French Onion Soup. It was not thick enough to warrant true French style, and had nothing else special to distinguish it above the fray. I enjoyed it but only because I would drink any soup with a good beef consommé and onions.


The Main of grilled Dory however was very good. The mashed potatoes were very smooth, to the point where I suspected it came from a packet. The brussel sprouts were not characteristically bitter but well cooked, but the fish was another matter altogether, fresh, smooth and with a delicious herb crust. My only complaint about the fish was that the sauce was made of a sinful butter and lemon combination. Definately not for those on a diet.


Lastly, Le Désert. Brownie, warm, and sinful. Sweet, fudgy and satisfying. A proper way to end a proper meal. The Set meal cost me 22 dollars total.

I would give this restaurant 7/10. The meal provided was good, the service attentive, and the setting quite unique. The only place they needed to adjust was the menu, providing something that no one else already had in the area.


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