I’m Peeved: With Overzealous Singaporeans

Today I enjoyed my dinner at one of my (EX) favourite eateries, the Soup Spoon. I’ve been a customer with them since back when they were only like one or two shops, I would just bout every week, hop over to the little stand at Novena Square. And even after I left the country and came back I would go back every once in a while to have something there. I guess expansion (I was at the stall in Bugis btw) has not brought along with it better service staff.

Today, I was greeted with the most unexpected metaphorical SLAP in the face by one of their staff. When I was ushered to my seat, whilst I was carrying a nice hot bowl of soup, this little boy (or at least he looked like one; couldn’t have been more than 14) was all polite and all. I had fully intended to write a glowing review and put on some nice pics on this post. This post that is now given to a rant, because I took pictures of the food, and the boy was asking me what it was for, and I said it was for my blog. Some moments later, the same boy came up to me, and said, “I’m sorry sir, you cannot take pictures of our food, it is in direct violation of our copyright”.

So, without thinking very much, I just whipped my phone out, and proceeded to delete my pictures. At this point i was still quite chill, coz I didn’t want to make a scene/dismember the small child accidentally with my broad sweeping gestures when I get worked up. However, he then said that he would need to look at my phone to check that I didn’t have any photos left. And then I lost it, I apologised through gritted teeth and asked to speak to his manager. The manager, did NOT even have the courtesy to come over and speak to me, sending the boy over again some mintues later saying that it was ok now and so on.

Let me point out, that I had firstly GRACIOUSLY said that I would delete the photographs, and let me further point out, that COPYRIGHT only applies to things that are “works” such as paintings, or books, NOT a meal; and definitely not for things like bowls of soup, and so on. In fact, by asking me to delete my pictures, I was WILLFULLY giving up my copyright to those pictures because they were mine and my own. I would like to also say that I didn’t try and steal recipes, I did not try and learn trade secrets, I just wanted to post a GOOD review on my blog. A review that could have and would have garnered good publicity for this stall. I do NOT blame the boy, he was obviously acting on orders. But who else is to be blamed?

PS. Soup truly was good, Had the basil and tomato thingy, and their set meal isn’t too bad, what with the sandwich and drink. I mean 9 dollars for a complete meal in town, WoW.


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