The One Laptop Per Child Project

This simple laptop is built with one thing in mind, Kids. And not like some dinky laptop that has a 5 line dot matrix screen and loud beeps and wails, this is effectively a fully functional 433mhz Geode *basically really really really slimmed down Athlon*, 1200×900 black and white, 256 megs of RAMed laptop. This may sound like absolute piffle for the average techy, but know that this can be powered by simply cranking a crank, it can be read in BRIGHT sunlight, and this is the truly amazing bit, Wi-Fi capable through a mesh network. To use a car analogy, this is the Toyota Corolla to your Lamborguini Core Two Duo.

Another amazing feat is that this is based off a Linux Core. and makes use of a Graphical User Interface that is completely different from your windows or even Mac. Its designed for kids and for their education. The operating system has had ALL the fat trimmed away from it, and again just like your toyota corolla, its not fast, its not flashy, it goes from a to b and doesn’t drink fuel like its free. Whereas the Lambo can be frequently unreliable, it can go very fast, but needs to be well maintained and must be taken out to the clubs to please the ladies. This is an insanely practical piece of kit and has the potential to lift so many children out of poverty and give them a chance to compete in the future economy.

This is brilliant in its simplicity.While this clearly could not have been possible twenty years ago, today, it is an example of how incredible technology can come together and create something that will truly change the world. This project headed by Nicholas Negroponte, whose resume reads like a veritable “mama i want to be him when I grow up” list. He’s on the Board of Motorola, he’s the Co-founder and director of MIT’s Media Lab. The list goes on and on, and as he’s had his finger deep in the tech world since who know’s when and is ideal for heading up such a momentuous task!

By the way, MSFT has taken some of this kit and is working on it for something or other… And intel’s initial rejection of Negroponte’s has spawned their own attempt at targeting children as a Market?! Well, we all have to start somewhere, and I (Jerrick) is FULLY in support of this programme that could change the lives of so many.

N.B. This post was actually dated sometime in 2007. But for some reason it was saved as a draft. I’m posting this here now in all its glory.

A Hug

A hug is something you give to your friends when they feel down, or when you meet them or whatever. But I find the most telling hug is the one you’re given or you give when you meet someone, its the first most visceral reaction you have to a person, and yet somehow, its also the most intimate gesture you can give someone.

It used to be that I thought I gave the WORST hugs. Like straight backed and stiff, awkward mostly. And I always believed that it was due to my height or something. But I found that I can and do hug just fine, and its not just with friends but with people I find I like and the only problems I’ve had with hugging family was with people who had problems hugging themselves. So it turns out that its just selected people who get the short end of the stick sometimes, and its often at the most awkward of times that it gets weird. To take an example, at the passing of a certain teacher, I had the most difficulty ever hugging his wife. But when I received an award from her, it was fine. I don’t know if there is a logical conclusion to this post but I’m gonna persevere.

My theory is that ultimately you’re only as comfortable hugging someone, as that someone is comfortable hugging you. And I’m glad some of my friends have shown me the truth in that. I think I’m at peace now and I can’t wait for the stuff that this year’s gonna throw at me.

The 5 Stages


I don’t know,
I don’t get it.
I don’t want to know,
I don’t want to get it.
Did it happen?

What did you eat? Did you honestly believe that your ACTIONS have no implications? I will RANT and I will WHINE but you SIR are a class A nutcase. No wonder you have no friends, if this is how you treat your best friends, then Fuck who cares how you treat your other friends. Your emotional maturity compels you to burn all your bridges, and I must say good riddance, praise the lord and thank Guan Yin. It is borderline disgusting. Who does that, What kind of idiot spouts this self involved crap about being above all this and so on. If you want the classic defination of therapied out? You got it my friend. Go sit under your shelter rock, because you, sir cannot be a friend. You sir have disappointed me one more time, you vindicate everything He’s told me about you, ever last foible and why am I entitled to say that? Why? because YOU YOU for all your poseur shite, don’t deserve the kind of support people have given you. No one gives away anything for free, and you give nothing, take away nothing and end up with nothing. So go on, rise above, Rise, for you will need to be above all this. 飞禽走兽. Just something random coz twas looking it up.


No, I refuse to believe this is the end. You of all people know that I don’t give up, I don’t burn bridges. As asinine as it may sound, but I believe that ultimately I never believe that its the end.


Twas yesterday,
Twas yesterday that I felt a sadness
like a Suzhou Winter Snow
Snow that comes, and turns into mud,
and then Black Ice


Have I accepted it?
Nah I don’t think so,
I’m just sure that in the end,
We will be stronger.
I will go on, I will find solace.
I know you will too.
In whom and when?
We will never know.


My friend,
Who was so shocked,
and invoked the winds of silence.

My friend,
You told me truths?
With those tales of,
woe, anguish, fear, doubt.

My friend,
I’ve not a doubt,
Nay a tale of woe,
Never an ounce of anguish,
but I always fear,
that I would say one thing,
and You would leave, run, desert, allons-y!

My friend,
I worry for you,
I worry for you and yours,
In all its finality,
I worry about the time that will come.

My friend,
You are my friend,
with or without labels,
You are a friend because you’re here for me,
A friend who attaches no conditions,
who brooks no BS,
and my friend,
Allons-Y, onward past the savages,
they know not the things we share.

Je Suis Fatigué

Its tiring, its tiring to live everyday just looking forward to the next meal, to the next miracle unveiled by the wizards of Techland. And the presence of the lord has given me some solace sometimes, the strength to look beyond this desolate expense of nothingness, to a time of “freedom” from within and without.

I want to get a scholarship, bonded or whatever, because independence from my parents is something I feel I should possess. I know, I got the world handed to me on a platter. But somehow, I just find this plate, this beautiful exquisite plate is one that comes with many conditions on sale. I am not saying I regret it, or feel resentment, I just want to know what it is like to have to depend on something else other than the unconditional love that comes with the package deal. A love that has its attendant responsibilities, and obligations. Ones that have to be fulfilled either way, and yet somehow, knowing that I have options, alternatives is a comfort. One that can soon enough become a crutch if not handled correctly.

Oh why did I make it so difficult.

A Smell

I can just smell the upcoming ORD even though it is almost 6 months away still. This is particularly strong now that Dom’s had his ORD dinner. I really want to move on, onward to freedom and so on. This is it isn’t it?

I never liked the idea of secrets, as such always had somewhat of a disdain for it.