My friend,
Who was so shocked,
and invoked the winds of silence.

My friend,
You told me truths?
With those tales of,
woe, anguish, fear, doubt.

My friend,
I’ve not a doubt,
Nay a tale of woe,
Never an ounce of anguish,
but I always fear,
that I would say one thing,
and You would leave, run, desert, allons-y!

My friend,
I worry for you,
I worry for you and yours,
In all its finality,
I worry about the time that will come.

My friend,
You are my friend,
with or without labels,
You are a friend because you’re here for me,
A friend who attaches no conditions,
who brooks no BS,
and my friend,
Allons-Y, onward past the savages,
they know not the things we share.


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