The 5 Stages


I don’t know,
I don’t get it.
I don’t want to know,
I don’t want to get it.
Did it happen?

What did you eat? Did you honestly believe that your ACTIONS have no implications? I will RANT and I will WHINE but you SIR are a class A nutcase. No wonder you have no friends, if this is how you treat your best friends, then Fuck who cares how you treat your other friends. Your emotional maturity compels you to burn all your bridges, and I must say good riddance, praise the lord and thank Guan Yin. It is borderline disgusting. Who does that, What kind of idiot spouts this self involved crap about being above all this and so on. If you want the classic defination of therapied out? You got it my friend. Go sit under your shelter rock, because you, sir cannot be a friend. You sir have disappointed me one more time, you vindicate everything He’s told me about you, ever last foible and why am I entitled to say that? Why? because YOU YOU for all your poseur shite, don’t deserve the kind of support people have given you. No one gives away anything for free, and you give nothing, take away nothing and end up with nothing. So go on, rise above, Rise, for you will need to be above all this. 飞禽走兽. Just something random coz twas looking it up.


No, I refuse to believe this is the end. You of all people know that I don’t give up, I don’t burn bridges. As asinine as it may sound, but I believe that ultimately I never believe that its the end.


Twas yesterday,
Twas yesterday that I felt a sadness
like a Suzhou Winter Snow
Snow that comes, and turns into mud,
and then Black Ice


Have I accepted it?
Nah I don’t think so,
I’m just sure that in the end,
We will be stronger.
I will go on, I will find solace.
I know you will too.
In whom and when?
We will never know.


3 thoughts on “The 5 Stages

  1. hi jerrick.

    gosh.. i have no idea what your post is about, but you seem rather upset. just know that i’m here if you need someone to talk to, k? you know my number. (:

    wan jin

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