The Open Room

Two of Tech65’s best friends, Brian and Tania held their launch of The Open Room and my GOODNESS, it was as fun as it was going to get. Many companies were represented at the event, Nokia, Canon and Sony spring to mind. Though I have to be honest, and my lateness did not help but I found myself gravitating towards the bloggers and the peeps I knew more than the people who brought in the stuff. Don’t get me wrong there were the great guys, Nokia and Intel reps jump to mind, who were like just out there and PIMPING their stuff and talking to us and seeming to be REALLY interested in the stuff that we were doing, and there were certain other companies who didn’t really seem to care whether we looked at them at all. I just think that if you’re going to come for such an event, the least you could do is talk to some of us… Though I do have to say that I was quite late, so maybe they were tired but you know what? That does not make me any less of a diva-blogger! And that will not make me bitch any less about it. I didn’t take any pictures personally but all the other attendees did so… shameless plug for other people’s blog I guess.

Shout out to Nadnut; great to meet ya!


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