Falling away into insanity’s abyss, as macabre fireworks bloom

I credit Wong Renhao with the title of this poem.

As the flowers bloom,
so goes the flame,
with its effervescence,
the bubbly, the blossom,
it expands to fill the glittering
Shadows of the heart.

The insanity of loneliness,
as she sat in the zephyr,
her chocolate locks,
that drizzled like melt’d cream,
the taste of the spices that
drove me to long,
for one last touch.

As the fireworks fade,
the disgust sets in,
the cloud of smoke fades to reveal,
a night sky devoid of previous beauty,
the disgust,
a beauteous cavity, emptied by the love.

In the end, does it matter at all?
Does it matter to you now?
Or to me then?
For the lack of true fireworks,
I have to content myself with the blue skies
above your head, the same sky that is above mine.

We belong together,
and I hold all that is
just between you and I.

The spirits I hold in my heart,
threatening to be unleashed,
A vodka of Fear,
A 7&7 of Jealousy,
A Cosmo of Lust…

Let me fall again into your gravity,
let me sink into your wretched depths,
let me gaze at the wonders of the firey plumes,
let me dance, for the naked dances of the childish,
let me regale the wonders of your song

How wonderful life is,
now you’re in the world.
I believe that,
I still do,
I must believe that,
For we are all bound by our singular nature.

This poem ends not,
for it its never ending,
insanity’s infinity.
I will never finish this poem,
for as long as I know to love.