Marie Digby Concert

I attended the Marie Digby showcase, which was sponsored by GAP. But I got my tickets courtesy of one of my dear friends from Tania. She provided me those tickets courtesy of her friend @ Soundbuzz so MAD MAD props to all these fantastic people who give me free stuff;)

First off, let me be clear and say I am a HUGE fan of Marie Digby, she’s one of those brave souls who’ve ridden the wave of social networking and so on to become good and famous. With such singers as Sara Bareilles and Colbie Calliat as well, they all rose to semi fame through various online means and have only just managed to break into the mainstream. Its been amazing listening to them as they start off having incredible alt. cred, but on top of that they all write songs and sound really great as is, without too much pretention.

However, I found that the event was much too crowded which lent the whole venue a kinda grungy feel. And it really didn’t help that everyone was snapping photographs WILDLY. I know, I know I did it too, but still, it certainly didn’t help the atmosphere. The set was kinda short as well… Sigh. I know I know, I’m being Singaporean, complaining about something I GOT FREE!!! So hey, you know what the atmosphere was BRILLIANT, the people were all really high on getting to see one of the hottest singers out there at the moment, and I got a good time all night.

Check out the pictures, also had a brilliant meal which tasted way too good for me to have just IOU’d like 16 dollars (to Ridz) for, afterwards at an Egyptian restaurant. Shout out to DK, Ridz, Xing, Joanna and Ms Kim (what should I call you??? Jean?) (from Simply Jean)!

Pictures here


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