Impossible for Obama to win over the Islamic World?

Is it really impossible for Obama to win over the Islamic world simply because he was BORN a Muslim? Seeing as how Obama’s father’s is Muslim, thus he becomes Muslim. His conversion to Christianity will be seen as Apostasy (an act punishable with execution in many Islamic countries and is seen as akin to treason or betrayal in most) to many around the Islamic world, of which there’re many important friends and foes, (Saudi Arabia and Iran accordingly). The central premise of this article argues that having a President Obama will irreparably damage relations between such nations and the USA or at least be caught in a situation where relations will not improve.

Is it really going to be like this? Will religious fundamentalism win out? I certainly hope not. What do you think?


One thought on “Impossible for Obama to win over the Islamic World?

  1. i dunno. i am personally hoping for him to win.

    better than hillary.

    choose the lesser of the evil? i cannot say the same for extremists.

    just as an aside,
    fundamentalist=are people who follow the traditional view of religion

    moderate=most in sg

    extremist=well you know whats that.

    so the fundamentalists will not view barack as a threat just because he is an apostate(spelling?)

    the ones who will make the most noise are the extremist.

    question here is: who will make the most noise? alqaeda or the iranians.

    background info: alqaeda and iran do not see eye to eye on a lot of things.

    im digressing a lot. but thanks for bloggin about this as i have not given this a thought based on this angle.

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