Polo Girls Club

These are the pictures I’ve taken of this new store I’ve discovered at Cluny Court near my place. As you can quite clearly see its a store inspired by quirk and fabulousness. And I got to meet the fantastic owner (Holly Tupper) who’s settled in Singapore from New York!

And all the stitching on the Polos seen on the second picture are HAND done. Which is quite impressive for this day and age and it gives the material a slightly rough hewn quality that is nonetheless very intricate and on top of all that the little patterns on them are truly beautifully designed. Comparable to those seen @ Shanghai Tang without the kitsch built in.

Will definately be going back there when I save up enough money to buy a shirt or two! Her website’s at http://www.pologirlsclub.com

I do believe that Singapore will benefit from attracting more of such boutique locations, not just for clothes but for art, for food etc. It gives our country a fresh, trendier vibe. One that we do need sometimes, and ultimately should cultivate, so support local industry! It doesn’t just bring forward a nice lived-in feel but also gives us all the fabulous style synonymous with the modern metropolis. *albeit also at equally fabulous prices*

I think this lamp fits in quite well with the whole vibe of the location.

You can find Ms. Tupper’s boutique at 501 Bukit Timah Road, #01-01A Cluny Court.

Oh and btw. One of the reasons I loved this little place so much is Ms. Tupper actually engaged and chatted with me, showed a genuine interest and talked about her clothes PASSIONATELY. Where is the local sales person who would do the same… Sigh. Just as an example, thos of you who know me know that I’m… Plus sized;) so I went to FlashnSplash @Plaza Sing, where the sales person gave me this incredulous look when I asked what their biggest sized board shorts were. Like I owed it to him to be thin… But i’m not overweight! I’m undertall!


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