Sex and the City: The Movie

In a word: Fabulous.

The ladies are back, their clothes are back, the men are back. And all that is left, the memories. 2 and a half hours of old school SATC wit, the banter, the levity followed by the gravitas of dealing with the complexities of living in the big city, with big dreams, hopes and Mr. Big.

Jennifer Hudson’s appearance was welcome and interesting, but truly acting on all sides were just brilliant, New York was the other character that deserved top billing. The city is always beautiful, and always stylish.

We missed the ladies but they have not missed us, their lives have moved on, they’ve become older but haven’t changed one bit and so we follow as they trot, strut and do it all. No spoilers. But yes it is worth every last penny if only to visit New York one last time with these eternal ambassadors.

Clothes: Classic SATC with the “sense” that age brings. Style: Fabulous. Women: Timeless.

I’ll miss you Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, if only because you could make me cry and laugh all within a short 30 minute TV show.


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