Once and Again, Anwar accused of Sodomy

At this early stage it seems much too early to make figure out if this is true, but the last time, the case lodged against Anwar had proved to be false. With my very obvious liberal bias I will give the benefit of the doubt to Anwar. When the country’s own judiciary, that’s in all likelihood inclined to be “persuaded” by the government’s view point, isn’t able to advance the government’s position, then FAIL.

What’s terrible is that these tactics are somewhat reminiscent of those employed against other politicians the world over. The discrediting by placing doubts on charecter, or the moral fibre of a political candidate is commonplace but the extent in which it takes hold is always dependant on the political maturity of its citizens. Those who’ve only ever been offered one particular political viewpoint will also most likely subscribe to a very narrow and close mindset. Anything that deviates from the norm is to be squashed and defeated in the quickest and crudest means possible. We have seen it happen time and time again and now it is being employed against a politician who by most accounts is capable, charismatic and a man of the people.

It remains to be seen if Anwar accusation will turn into a conviction. Especially when its only a politician that ever gets accused to doing other men. I am very suspicious. And everyone in Malaysia should be too. Sadly, there’s probably a desire to immediately trust the media. The media like anything, offers only one particular viewpoint and its not necessarily always the best and only opinion worth subscribing too. THINK and OPEN YOUR MINDS!

Sources: AP, The Star, and Time


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