My New Passport

My old passport has been with me since the 27th of March 1999. And it has been an interesting 10 years. Looking at this passport and I ask myself. What story does it tell about me? And I find it comes down on both sides, leaving a bittersweet taste in my mouth. That bittersweet taste may be because I was licking that dirty old thing but I digress. It has seen me through China, it has seen me through the controversial Italy trip *that my father hated but I simply adored* and now it’s gotten holes unceremoniously punched through it, physically and emotionally ending an era.

The ICA has however been amazing during this entire process. They’ve been efficient, and above all professional. Never a bad thing by ANY stretch of the imagination. After all we as a people have been way too used to having slow and unrepentant government service. Somehow though, I felt that it was just too cold. It was too professional. I know, I’m crazy but its my passport, its my window to the world, and the document that let me visit my teacher in Bali, that brought me to China… And no passport can ever replace my old one.

Am I being too sentimental about a wad of paper? Maybe, and who knows my next passport will be the same if not even more spactacular. With the wonders of Europe and all my friends spread around this place we call Earth. I can truly begin exploring, without constraints and pressures. It’ll be me living my life in this world I’ve not even begun to start looking at properly.

Opening your eyes to see the grass on the other side must never be about finding greener pastures. It must never be all about taking and not giving. Opening your eyes to the world around you means that you should learn to accept, to learn and to move onwards. If one cannot do so, one has failed as a thinking human being. The grass on the other side is never consistently greener. There’s always a grizzled gardener tending to it with an illegal immigrant assistant. The manure that came from questionable sources, even the water that needed to be transported 30 miles. What we always need is the trust, and the love for where we’ve come from to tell ourselves that maybe what we have and what comes our way is exactly what we need, its not perfect, but we can continually try to succeed and strive for maybe that better future.


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