Mamma Mia: Soundtrack and Musical Movies

The Mamma Mia soundtrack has given me such inspiration. These are actors who can actually sing and do so quite well. I am seriously contemplating watching this movie, even though it has been critically panned. And I’m guessing rightfully so. But the spectacle of watching Pierce Brosnan singing and prancing around with a grand old dame of Hollywood, Meryl Streep, makes me quite ready and amused.

Which brings me to the important point of this blogpost, there seems to be a lack of new movie musicals. I don’t mean remakes, there are plenty of those made from previously successful musicals and other medium. However there has been no Moulin Rouge-esque movie in recent memory. And I think its quite a waste. Because as great a remake can be, it’ll never be as good as a musical specifically written as a movie. There are certain aspects of the format that will create losses from the original, and will require compromises that may or may not be considered appropriate.

My hope is eventually there’ll be more interesting Musicals coming to the big screen. Barring that… well I guess I can just watch more of these musicals @ Warwick. Oh and BTW: Avenue Q is coming to Singapore. Check it out @


My Cellphone

Some of you following my twitter/plurk will know that I’ve had some problems with my cellphone and the breakdown of the screen that occured. I’m gonna regale the full story to you now… I hope I don’t come off sounding too unreasonable.

So my cellphone, a Sony Ericsson K850i has been giving me problems lately. Its camera was not able to take pictures under low light conditions even with the flash, it was slow even though it did get marginally better with some firmware patches, and the newest problem was truly quite terrible, the screen would go out every time I pressed a button. I was NOT happy. Continue reading “My Cellphone”

It’s Amazing

An unnamed friend of mine has had the longest, most definitely painful break-up I have ever seen in my entire life. This person rejects offers of help, and buries any and all indications of a soul under a crushing mound of work, spending all free time pining for the “love” who so vehemently rejects them. I feel for them, and yet can do little.

Its amazing how many times we can let outselves get hurt, even when we know EXACTLY how things will happen over and over again. Even when there are those around you who care and want you to learn and to move on. Its times like that that make me the most disappointed with the human condition.

Licked: Centrino 2

As those of you out there know, I have a passion for licking the technology that falls haplessly into my hands. And it was at this event organised by Tania and Brian of Ogilvy that I got to play with Intel’s newly launched Centrino 2 suite of technologies. Centrino 2 promises longer battery life, thinner and lighter laptops and above all improved performance. As you can see from the gallery above, lots of fun to be had all round. I cannot wait for Apple to release the Centrino 2 Macbook Pros.

What is this thing?

Last evening, I went out for dinner with someone whom I’ve had a sorta thing for… for a while now. It was really pleasant and I really enjoyed it very very much. But throughout the course of the dinner, as I got more and more comfortable; I thought less and less about the cuteness or the carefree way this person talked. But I began to think more of how great it would be to be friends. To have someone I could talk to simply and share and just have a conversation.

The thing about me is, I tend to bring all sorts of unwanted emotion into some equations. I mean, they’re not necessarily unwanted, just these sort of emotions can mess up what would probably turn out to be a really nice and great little friendship.

Sometimes, I have to go with my head, even though my heart tells me otherwise.

Too much stuff to do

I really have too much stuff to do.

I have an Xbox 360 with MANY many games. All of which I want to play and complete but all of which I have NO time to do so.

I have a subscription to a movie rental service and my DVDs have been sitting here unwatched for about a week.

I have shows that I’ve managed to procure on my computer hard drive.

I have podcasts I listen to, I have vodcasts I watch on the bus.

I have my cellphone which I use to look @ the news and Gmail.

I have Music on my iPod.

I have my blog with which I entertain people and I have 65bits which I use to inform people.

I’m just way too entertained out. Its like I spend all my life getting entertained, or trying to entertain or finding entertainment. Its not even like I’m leading a life anymore. I’m just going from entertainment A to entertainment B. With all the times in between just filler.

And then I realise. I have my friends and they’re the cream, the peeled hand fed grapes and the delicious Ganache that makes my life all the more complete. So I am thankful for them. 🙂 Though I wonder how many of y’all out there feel like getting entertained has begun to take a major role in your lives and I also wonder if this is something that will become even more prevalent in the future.

Have a look @ my newest FB pics of my Blogosphere friends

A Call to the Leaders of the Community

Those of you out there who don’t already know about the whole In-Out thing, this post will be completely meaningless to you. But I suspect you will identify with the themes and situations that are raised here.

The night seemed pleasant enough. With plenty of people, drinks that flowed and food that was delicious and plentiful. But something crept in that poisoned and destroyed something that I had pushed for and built up. It was stealthy and uncalled for but it happened anyway. As the “host” for this event, I cannot help but be unamused and frankly quite disgusted. This never was meant to be an exercise in EXCLUDING people, nor was it meant to be a statement of CHOOSING one over the other, or the myriad other small petty things that my Pizza outing has come to represent. Continue reading “A Call to the Leaders of the Community”