A Girl

What makes a girl?
She asked with casual nonchalance,
A tasteful cow’s udder popped into my cranium.

She smacked me across the temple,
and swiped my forehead.
Not that you dirty bastard.
With a quick check to her nail and polish.

What makes a girl?
Is it a knowing smile?
A chocolate sweetie, wrapped in glisten.
Is it a seductive laugh?
With all its wrappings trapped.
Is it her feminine wiles?
Designed to make men swoon.

Of course not, bitch, pouted she.
Her eyes rolling delicately,
Men can be chocolate seduction wrapped in femininity, trapped by designed swoons.
No, a Girl is a girl
When she knows how to manage her man.
She knows exactly what he can come up with,
and doesn’t expect more than that.
She gives no more than she can take,
and makes him pay if she cannot handle it.
She is versed in the art of persuasion
and knows to be a lady and a whore.

A girl booms when she can bang,
Just to show that she knows her thang.
A girl minds her nose,
and knows his mind
A girl gives up a cause,
not because its lost,
but because she knows to.

She looked at me, creams and pastels in her eyes, smoothie lips agape, with cherry cola cheeks,
and kissed me on the lips.
I savoured it, too long.
too long.
Pushed her away,
For I had told her too much.


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