Let’s Touch

The touchiest PC.. well after the Abacus, has ARRIVED! And it is SEXEH! From cellphones to Tiny Ass Books to various other mobile devices, we’ve been seeing a whole bunch of touch interfaces springing up. Its particularly impressive that HP has managed to bring over the touch experience to the desktop environment. Win a HP Touchsmart IQ500 when you comment on this blogpost NOW! The comment should answer this question: “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?” I’ve given more details about this gorgeous PC below and the most creative/fabulous answer as chosen by the hosts @ HP and Waggener Edstrom will win a Touchsmart PC! So Comment up! And stand a chance to WIN!

I’ve seen and played with/licked the HP touchsmart IQ500 PC and have been suitably impressed. This is a PC that’s gotten it all right! From the design of the PC itself, to the ergonomics of actually using the PC, everything seems to have been done right with this PC. Having said that, let’s delve a little deeper into using and playing around with the Touchsmart user interface. The touchsmart programme is actually a programme that has to be loaded when you want to play around with photos and make full use of all the touch features that come with the PC. Even though it is ultimately just a skin on top of your bog-standard Windows desktop, it doesn’t matter. The Touchsmart programme is so useful to fool around with your photos, watch some videos or to even leave notes for your family members. Its simplicity makes a really strong suite of programmes, from the powerful Core 2 Duo processor, to the graphics card, the gorgeous Hi Res screen, last but certainly not the least TV-in/out!

There are some complaints to be made about this PC though, there are some optimisation issues with the Touchsmart interface, which I suspect may be entirely due to the fact that this product wasn’t even slated for release in Singapore at the time I played with it, so this problem could’ve been resolved already, and the lack of expandiblity options. However, we must remember that this PC was aimed at the consumer market, the market which wants a PC that looks stylish and can fit in with any decor, anywhere anytime, without the fuss of adding stuff or whatever. Its meant for your Mom, who just wants to fool around on the internet, or your Sister who wants the sexiest PC no matter what. In my opinion, this PC has DEFINATELY fulfilled this criterion in SPADES!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Touch

  1. Never have a PC been develop totally running on a touch panel interface. It allow me to interact with my pc easily with the large display. Multimedia like photos and videos can be edited faster and more precise than what a mouse can do. Away goes the dusty keyboard and hand-aching mouse that spoil my beautiful room deco. I can really reach out and just touch on the screen . Flipping of albums of photos and surfing of the internet with just be a simple TOUCH. It will really look like owning a powerful iphone that have unlimited expandability. I cant wait to put this PC on my bed and touch it ,while i lie down relaxing. Showing off this gorgeous touchsmart PC to my friends can really impress them with “Minority report” movie interface!

  2. Thank you for your feedback and best of luck in the Touchsmart Contest.. Cheers… 🙂

    Daniel Cheng
    Consumer Desktop Product Manager

  3. What will my life be like with the HP Touchsmart?

    Certainly, more peaceful.

    1) No more screaming from Mom for all the ugly wires all over the place, collecting dust.

    2) No more screaming from Mom for the standing CPU taking up too much space under the table, impeding her floor-vacuuming process.

    3) No more screaming from Mom for me spoiling my eyes squinting at a tiny computer screen.

    4) No more screaming from Mom while teaching poor Dad how to view our family photos.

    5) No more screaming from Mom for unnecessarily touching the computer screen.
    “Ma, it’s TOUCHSCREEN!”

    I look forward to tranquility and zen at home, with the HP Touchsmart IQ500. Never underestimate the power of changing your desktop PC!

  4. With HP TouchSmart, i would be able to FINALLY own a PC. What’s more, it’s portable! No more creeping to my brother’s room asking in vain to be allowed to use his pc. No more loud clickings from the mouse for it’s touch screen, and a large screen to pick out flaws in photographs (so i can photoshop them, OPPS!). The idea of a 22-inch PC in my tiny bedroom doubling up as a television sounds too good to be true. Then, perhaps my brother would be asking permission from ME instead…

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