A Call to the Leaders of the Community

Those of you out there who don’t already know about the whole In-Out thing, this post will be completely meaningless to you. But I suspect you will identify with the themes and situations that are raised here.

The night seemed pleasant enough. With plenty of people, drinks that flowed and food that was delicious and plentiful. But something crept in that poisoned and destroyed something that I had pushed for and built up. It was stealthy and uncalled for but it happened anyway. As the “host” for this event, I cannot help but be unamused and frankly quite disgusted. This never was meant to be an exercise in EXCLUDING people, nor was it meant to be a statement of CHOOSING one over the other, or the myriad other small petty things that my Pizza outing has come to represent.

I am saddened that this event has pushed things to a head with two prominent community leaders, with whom the falling out of has only resulted in a lowering of stature and general disillusionment among the entire Ping-Blogosphere. There have been calls for a boycott, there have been calls for support, all of which are MEANINGLESS. We are MEANT above all else to be a community. A community of EQUALS, not of FIRSTs, or SECONDs but of EQUALS. Meaning we are all first. And forgetting that and placing individual interests above that of the community is selfish and unjustifiable.

I regret everything that has come to pass, but I say we move on. I say we stop being childish and understand that some of us will always disagree with each other. And even if we cannot have personal relationships with each other, let us attempt to be professional. To be the bloggers that we should be and not the rabble rousers that the Mainstream has accused us of. The rabble that will only lose crediblity if we continue to act like little children.

I attach the top links from Ping on this topic as trackbacks, both good and toxic. I am particularly encouraged by Mr. malique’s rallying call and I hope my post will serve as a similar clarion call for unity.


3 thoughts on “A Call to the Leaders of the Community

  1. Jerrick: I’m sorry that this thing have to happen to your gathering. But it’s not your fault. You merely organised a gathering. It’s the attendee of the gathering who openly declare that they are the “in group”. Several pingsters felt disgusted by that comment. It has nothing to do with you. It’s the mentality of the person.

    And I have to say that I’m not a prominent community leaders. I’m just a member in a community who wish that the community will be a place for everyone.

  2. Hi Jerrick!

    Firstly, I do hope this issue will blow over soon, and that from it, lessons will be learnt and not repeated.

    Please don’t take it personally that such things happened at the outing you organised, but that everyone should be responsible for themselves instead. Personally I think that your organising of gatherings is something very valuable to any community.

    And, I’ll be glad to get to know you better πŸ™‚ Cheerios!

  3. Thanks guys for your comments. I’m DEFINATELY not taking this personally. I am sad that it happened @ “my” event. But I don’t think any of this was personally directed at me. Its just the fact that it happened under my watch makes me feel quite discomfited.

    That’s All. πŸ™‚

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