Too much stuff to do

I really have too much stuff to do.

I have an Xbox 360 with MANY many games. All of which I want to play and complete but all of which I have NO time to do so.

I have a subscription to a movie rental service and my DVDs have been sitting here unwatched for about a week.

I have shows that I’ve managed to procure on my computer hard drive.

I have podcasts I listen to, I have vodcasts I watch on the bus.

I have my cellphone which I use to look @ the news and Gmail.

I have Music on my iPod.

I have my blog with which I entertain people and I have 65bits which I use to inform people.

I’m just way too entertained out. Its like I spend all my life getting entertained, or trying to entertain or finding entertainment. Its not even like I’m leading a life anymore. I’m just going from entertainment A to entertainment B. With all the times in between just filler.

And then I realise. I have my friends and they’re the cream, the peeled hand fed grapes and the delicious Ganache that makes my life all the more complete. So I am thankful for them. đŸ™‚ Though I wonder how many of y’all out there feel like getting entertained has begun to take a major role in your lives and I also wonder if this is something that will become even more prevalent in the future.

Have a look @ my newest FB pics of my Blogosphere friends


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