My Cellphone

Some of you following my twitter/plurk will know that I’ve had some problems with my cellphone and the breakdown of the screen that occured. I’m gonna regale the full story to you now… I hope I don’t come off sounding too unreasonable.

So my cellphone, a Sony Ericsson K850i has been giving me problems lately. Its camera was not able to take pictures under low light conditions even with the flash, it was slow even though it did get marginally better with some firmware patches, and the newest problem was truly quite terrible, the screen would go out every time I pressed a button. I was NOT happy.

I sent the thing in and the customer service rep said it should be done a bit later then the 3 days or so stipulated. I was expecting… what 5, 7 days. So I called twice… the first time I received the bog standard oh its coming. The second time, on the 29th in the afternoon, I got a CSR who told me that I had to wait about two or three weeks to get some shipment of LCD panels or something. I was all my friend I have to go to Germany at the end of the week. If I do not get it soon… Naturally there was little or no reaction from the CSR, who just used the sympathetic noises etc. I just felt so disappointed.

Although at this point in time, I’ve received an SMS from SE indicating that my phone was ready. I guess I should feel better. But really I find it difficult. I guess its simply because there’s just not enough information provided to me from the outset and even when I inquired at the desk about the estimated time when it’d be repaired, the CSR said it’d be only “slightly” longer than the 3 days usually required. Well a 200 percent increase is certainly not slight. And why didn’t the CSR tell me all this at the beginning when I called them the first time! Evidently it was the rational self defending act, but shouldn’t these people be better trained?

I know by ranting here, I will probably get nothing in response. And with cellphones becoming so commoditized its going to be impossible to get better service at all in the future. Gone are the days where we have replacement cells waiting and prompt friendly and efficient service. Its sad, true and with customers placing their entire lives *almost* in the hands of these companies we run the risk of putting too much power in their hands when something goes wrong. I have little if nothing to propose, and its a complaint mostly because I know in my mind I know with the kind of profit margins, and the competition, customer service will be the first to get thrown out. But someone please just please come up with a solution that makes us all marginally happier.

CSR= customer service representative.


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