Mamma Mia: Soundtrack and Musical Movies

The Mamma Mia soundtrack has given me such inspiration. These are actors who can actually sing and do so quite well. I am seriously contemplating watching this movie, even though it has been critically panned. And I’m guessing rightfully so. But the spectacle of watching Pierce Brosnan singing and prancing around with a grand old dame of Hollywood, Meryl Streep, makes me quite ready and amused.

Which brings me to the important point of this blogpost, there seems to be a lack of new movie musicals. I don’t mean remakes, there are plenty of those made from previously successful musicals and other medium. However there has been no Moulin Rouge-esque movie in recent memory. And I think its quite a waste. Because as great a remake can be, it’ll never be as good as a musical specifically written as a movie. There are certain aspects of the format that will create losses from the original, and will require compromises that may or may not be considered appropriate.

My hope is eventually there’ll be more interesting Musicals coming to the big screen. Barring that… well I guess I can just watch more of these musicals @ Warwick. Oh and BTW: Avenue Q is coming to Singapore. Check it out @


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