Support our Gaming Olympians!

Just as not all people are born equal, it should also be known that all sports are not equal. More so it it doesn’t actually involve physical contact and direct. That is why video games and particularly competitive cybergaming does not receive the attention it deserves in our fair island of Singapore. This is a shame and a travesty. Video gamers are as much Olympians as those glorious souls who pushed faster, stronger and higher at the Olympics. This does not make it any less a sport if one has to train and one has to spend hours honing one’s skills to excel and best all those around him. It is a sport with the hours put in, with the training, the blood, sweat and tears put in for national and global glory. And thus I ask you, noble reader to donate to the SCOGA. This is why we should support our sportsmen, ALL our sportsmen!


Flight of the Conchords Blogger’s Night

“Formerly New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo” is coming to Singapore soon with HBO’s new series launching in September. And a few bloggers were invited down to the HBO Asia office to have a gander around and BOY oh BOY. (@ the HBO people who may be reading my blog, I LOVE TV, am willing to work very hard, will provide entertainment, speak 2 and a half languages, and am going to Uni soon, So if there’re any summer internships available, I will FLY back to work @ your office! Hehe.)

The HBO office as cool as it was; was definately not as cool as watching Flight of the Conchords, one of the first few people in Singapore to catch the 2nd and 3rd Episodes of my favourite thing to come out of New Zealand since … well something Kiwi. The TV shows are a delight at half an hour long and the humour is classically off the wall with a Conchords’ song interspersed into one of their episodes. Their exploits are realistic to some extent but you don’t really have groupies trying to get you in a human sandwich very often. Or your camera phone actually being a film camera being stuck onto the back of a cellphone. These and all such classic elements of Conchord humour really makes this show a rare but awesome find. Continue reading “Flight of the Conchords Blogger’s Night”

Tagged: Hot Chicks, Temping and Parang-Wielding Ah Bengs

Getting tagged is one of the blog things that I’ve never had done to me and, this, my first tag I promise to make special. I promise that you will be entertained with my answers and I promise to answer them as truthfully as my sense of humour and hunger allows. This tag was thrown at me via the Flight of the Conchords blog in Singapore by Yinqi! Many thanks and I cannot wait for tonight’s event! *CAMWHORE TIME*!

Ep 1: Jemaine attends Dave’s party and scores a date with a hot chick, only to realise she’s Bret’s ex. Would you go out with your best friend’s ex?

This question is interesting. But the short answer for me is No. Unequivocably No. He’s my best friend, and I would never do anything to ruin what we have. The long answer though is probably more, well, if she was a short term GF, then I’d probably just ask for permission and then go for it if he was cool. If he isn’t then, I’ll just maybe take her out a couple of times and then let her down easy. 🙂 Ok maybe more than a couple of times. Ok maybe marry her. Ok I’ve just destroyed my original argument. Dammit.

Ep 2: Faced with the prospect of a dwindling cashflow, Bret is forced to hold signs (“Hot Dogs”) at a busy NYC street corner. What was your worst temp job experience?

I’m currently in it. “Temping” for two years at this government agency. The pay’s low, there is no dignity and job satisfaction is non-existant.

Ep 3: Bret loses Jemaine’s trust after Bret abandons him when they get mugged. Would you leave your best friend in the lurch when confronted by parang-wielding Ah Bengs?

I probably wouldn’t? But honestly I won’t know until other parts of this story are filled in. I.e. Am I holding something that would make an effective weapon? Am I with a small or big guy? Can I make use of my friend as a weapon? *ala the Jackie Chan movies* Assuming yes to all these questions, then YES of course I’d stay and defeat the scourge of Singaporean streets, the Parang-Wielding Ah-Beng. Of course, if there are any No-es then the probability of me staying reduces drastically. I’m such a fairweather friend. 🙂

My 20th Birthday at Peperoni’s

This year, my twentieth year of existence on this small quaint planet *well if you want to count the time in my mom’s tummy then… whatever* has passed. And now I’m 20. I’m not officially no longer in the teen years and time has passed and I now am expected to be; mature, taste like bitter almonds, to be responsible for the repopulation of the rhino population and possess the body of Penelope Cruz. I semi joke for one of those descriptions. Anyway! Enough rumination, Let’s get to the good stuff.

The party was held at the always amazing Peperoni’s; the subject of a comparison with another Italian eatery here and basically, I invited those people whom I thought affected me most in my time back in Singapore. Some people had other commitments, and some people just didn’t show. All of which is perfectly understandable because after all is said, there were several parties that night *mine was probably like the last one to be planned and executed* and Friday nights are well… Friday nights. I was just happy that thosewho DID show up, brought with each and everyone of them something special to the table.

I speak of these people here because they brought me so much joy on this wondrous day. This, my 20th birthday. But that is not to say I don’t appreciate those of you out there who make my life so much better for even knowing I exist. For I learn and I breathe through all of you, all of you pizza loving, let’s-go-out-for-prata-@-3-ing, random plurking/twittering, blogging, tech-loving, singing, dancing, kissing, hugging, all of you have my these two years of my life in Singapore more than I could have bargained for; more than I could ask for, and more then just friends, you’ve become my family. My family that comprises, family by blood, family by school, by internet, by interest, by blog/fb/twitter/plurk, family that draws me in precisely because of your varied quirks and points of interest. Because without y’all, I’d just be a lonely bugger sitting on my sofa, typing a blog post!

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Schloss Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau and Mittenwald

After leaving Munich, we drove towards the Austrian border with the intention of finally laying eyes on the fantastically beautiful castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Did you know that Neuschwanstein is the inspiration for the castle in Disney’s movie Sleeping Beauty? And it more than lives up to its name. Even as you are driving towards this stunning example of royal largesse, you cannot help but have your breath taken away by its architecture and the way it seems to just leap right out at you from the side of the Alps. The interiors were largely inspired by Richard Wagner, King Ludwig II’s muse. Unfortunately I cannot show you any pictures of the interior but honestly what pictures will do such a magnificant structure justice. Continue reading “Schloss Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau and Mittenwald”


Munich was quite a fascinating city, it was filled with life and a vibrancy that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I loved it. The people almost unequivocably spoke English and generally of a rather high standard. We stayed @ the Four Points by Sheraton hotel right in the middle of the Olympic Park. It was really quite a nice hotel even though when you first arrive the exterior looks like it hasn’t been changed very much since the 70s. Continue reading “Munich”