Peperoni’s vs La Forketta

Marina of has been trying to disprove me and NTT’s claim that Peperoni’s, the Pizza restaurant near my place is better than her favourite, La Forketta. Today, we both went down to La F. and had a rather fantastic meal. Or rather a meal to remember.

Twas during this meal we made certain comparisons between the two places and the types of Pizza that they made. La F. had a slightly thicker crust, but seemed to use ingredients of a different quality. But I have to be honest and say that that I preferred Peperoni’s thinner crust with their mix of ingredients, they felt more down home and I guess just has the emotional baggage of being my first real pizza love. *I do count Da Donato as my first street food love*

This lead me to an interesting question. Is food better just because you pay more for it, and you consume it in a special setting? I am finding it hard to put a new spin on things other than saying its due to friends as well. But I think food tastes best when taking with friends, when taken with people who enjoy serving you the food, with people who are enjoying the food as much as you are and generally just having an atmosphere of convivality. A severe, Haute Cuisine location, with its reverential undertones can never inspire such beauteous food in my opinion.


5 thoughts on “Peperoni’s vs La Forketta

  1. I think you’re right about company and severity of atmosphere and its effect on food – at least in an indirect way. Food tastes better when you’re eating it unself-consciously, especially for ladies; scarfing down that greasy burger with friends at McD’s vs. a scene at, say, Jerry’s; chewing awkwardly, avoiding catching his eye during that 1 second of horror when your mouth is stretched wide, ready to chomp.

    That said, La F. has the BEST beef lasagne I’ve ever had.

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