Munich was quite a fascinating city, it was filled with life and a vibrancy that one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I loved it. The people almost unequivocably spoke English and generally of a rather high standard. We stayed @ the Four Points by Sheraton hotel right in the middle of the Olympic Park. It was really quite a nice hotel even though when you first arrive the exterior looks like it hasn’t been changed very much since the 70s.

The whole area around the hotel is quite awesome as there’s BMW Welt, BMW Museum and the BMW factory ALL within walking distance. (Pictures galore above) Also the whole olympic village will be available for you walking and gallivanting pleasure. Also the train station just outside takes you right into Marionplatz which is essentially the CENTRE of Munich. I didn’t do much shopping @ Munich but I did get an awesome looking Mug from Hofbrau. The famous HB beers that can be found even in places like Suzhou where I used to live in China! Unfortunately I didn’t get much shopping down in Munich even though it is QUITE a shoppers paradice, but as is typical I did manage to get shopping done somewhere else… Kekeke.


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