My 20th Birthday at Peperoni’s

This year, my twentieth year of existence on this small quaint planet *well if you want to count the time in my mom’s tummy then… whatever* has passed. And now I’m 20. I’m not officially no longer in the teen years and time has passed and I now am expected to be; mature, taste like bitter almonds, to be responsible for the repopulation of the rhino population and possess the body of Penelope Cruz. I semi joke for one of those descriptions. Anyway! Enough rumination, Let’s get to the good stuff.

The party was held at the always amazing Peperoni’s; the subject of a comparison with another Italian eatery here and basically, I invited those people whom I thought affected me most in my time back in Singapore. Some people had other commitments, and some people just didn’t show. All of which is perfectly understandable because after all is said, there were several parties that night *mine was probably like the last one to be planned and executed* and Friday nights are well… Friday nights. I was just happy that thosewho DID show up, brought with each and everyone of them something special to the table.

I speak of these people here because they brought me so much joy on this wondrous day. This, my 20th birthday. But that is not to say I don’t appreciate those of you out there who make my life so much better for even knowing I exist. For I learn and I breathe through all of you, all of you pizza loving, let’s-go-out-for-prata-@-3-ing, random plurking/twittering, blogging, tech-loving, singing, dancing, kissing, hugging, all of you have my these two years of my life in Singapore more than I could have bargained for; more than I could ask for, and more then just friends, you’ve become my family. My family that comprises, family by blood, family by school, by internet, by interest, by blog/fb/twitter/plurk, family that draws me in precisely because of your varied quirks and points of interest. Because without y’all, I’d just be a lonely bugger sitting on my sofa, typing a blog post!

I had my cousins, Nicole, Shin and Xiang, who were first to arrive, on time, as always, unlike me, and were a riot at the table. Who have known me through all this time and probably could never believe that I’ve a crew of friends who are so outrageous and yet so fantastic at the same time.

I had Jeremy. Who brought Cake and his own brand of wit.

I had Daniel, Aaron and Jane. Each I’ve known from my secondary school days and are ever so near and dear to my heart because they know me well enough to let me burn out my energy, before making me see how silly I’m being or how I should just chill and stop worrying, and have stuck with me through all this time, well spent or otherwise.

I had Farinelli, dear Fari, whose lack of hair and surfeit of wit has given me cause to smile so often. His is a sense of humour that is infectious and occassionally inappropriate. Just like me so no wonder he’s such a pal.

I had Justin, whose care and often need for care, has given me hope in the glories of a multi-coloured life! He also brought cake and his delightfully caustic sense of humour.

I had Joel. Joel with his humour and his gentle presence. His ability to entertain and be entertained, all the while offering a quip and a smile. Joel who I know will miss and be missed the most.

I had Victoria. Who travelled the furthest. Who’s been amazing with her kindness and her boundless ability to care for me. Whose simple words and actions mean ever so much and whose words I never remember but she’s most willing to remind.

I had Marina, who helped me through trial by Internet, and taught me some lessons about living I never expected to learn. Whose ready smile and willing demeanor have showed me the way forward to living my life on the virtual and real world and maybe even find my love someday in the most unexpected places.

I had Yushaa, with her grace and poise. Elina and Amin, Such a gorgeous couple. Faiz, whose grasp on women never quite got past the, well. Nevermind. And dear Phoebe, who embraces Salsa, who dances and is ever ready to listen and be a friend.

I had Weixian, with his modest bearing and soft spoken ways that belies a ready smile and sleepy head.

I had Hisham, Who put me through tequila and lemon and I emerged, loving it. I’ll miss his special brand of humour and I think I’ll miss his belly the most.

And last, but most definately not the least, Wan Jin. Who I met under the most interesting circumstances, and will remember for instilling in me at least SOME sort of sporting pretention and who can most certainly out-eat me on any day!

PS. I understand that there were some people who I didn’t invite. I didn’t forget you. I just want to, you know, *winks* get to know you better, and you don’t get to know someone like you better at a big party like this. You take this special someone out to dinner, where you wine and dine’er. And afterwards… who knows. One might be persuaded to…

Put on my LP of Jason Mraz’s newest Album?
Talk about some well seasoned burgers?
Discuss world politics?
Drink a bottle or two of well aged, over oaked, Californian Merlot *WLTV FTW*

Who knows. I’m always ready and available to try something new šŸ™‚


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