Superhero Fighting Software Piracy

I will not comment. All I’ll do is ask – is this an effective advertisement? Is this something that compels people to want to stop piracy in the workplace?


Seal The Deal!

This video really drives home the message that we MUST act, and act swiftly, lest climate change irrevocably destroys what is most important to us.

My only complaint is that such an impactful video should be constrained and not able embeddable and sharable. This is something that everyone should be able to share in their own space.

facebook behaviour i do not appreciate | blankanvas


facebook behaviour i do not appreciate

By Pat Law??? ??? Sep 17th, 2009 ??? Category: Features

He did it first on 30 August 2009 on my wall. This time today, yet another personal agenda was placed on my wall, in a conversation thread of no relevance.

Let me ask you, my dear reader, a question. Do you appreciate such behaviour on Facebook? I???m curious to know what you think. I know I certainly don???t. Help me forward this around to EVERYONE you know if you share the same sentiments ok?

What this article has clearly shown is that while some people have figured out that it’s not about blanket coverage on Social media. It’s not difficult to achieve at all, but quality coverage, quality people to talk about your material and talk about you. If someone blacklists you like this on their blog, and he/she is even mildly influential and you’re much less so than him/her (which you’d probably be if you were going to be trying to reach out to a blogger) than you’re pretty much screwed because Google’s gonna pick your name up in the future and any good researcher who does their digging will find you out.

Bad PR to the max.