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Hackerspace Singapore: Explanation

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A lot of people have asked pretty much the same questions over and over again whenever I talk about Hackerspace. Well, instead of regurgitating the answers every time, I guess I???ll answer some of the questions that have been raised, and explain what our intentions are and are not.

What is Hackerspace?

Hackerspace, in its fundamental essence, is a place for people who love to explore, experiment, tinker around, create, and innovate to come together, work on their cool ideas, and show it off. It is also a place where various communities can host their events, gather to discuss, and hang out after their events.

Is Hackerspace a physical space?

Yes. It is an actual physical space where members can come and go as they wish.

What is the vision, purpose and goals of Hackerspace?

It is our hope to cultivate a culture of curiosity, creativity, exploring beyond the possibilities, thinking out of the box, and serve the community at large. Our purpose is to provide a conducive environment for the community and individuals to hold their activities, just hang out, or work on certain projects. We want to encourage the possibilities of ???Why not???? as oppose to questioning ourselves ???Why????.

What is hacking (or a hacker)?

A hacker, or hacking, is always mistaken for being someone that is involved in cyber crime or breaking cyber security. That???s really one of the paths of curiosity where a person turns bad. Hacking is really about the curiosity of finding out the unknown, making the impossible is possible, and finding ways to deviate from the norm.

How are you going to sustain this Hackerspace?

We???re going for the subscription model where you pay for membership to access the hackerspace. We have a few membership tiers where different membership will allow you access to different benefits.

Why is Hackerspace run under a Private Limited Company?

It is easier to handle the accounting, legal issues, and various other small problems. We have looked into various types of companies and this seems to be the least hassle of all.

What is the philosophy of this company?

???Innovation, creativity and exploration beyond boundaries???.

What is the mission of this company?

???To give hackers a place to go???.

What is the purpose and responsibilities of this company?

Its purpose and responsibility is to serve the community as a legal entity to run of the hackerspace and community events.

What are the rules of Hackerspace?

Keep the place clean.
Honor thy membership tier.

Is Hackerspace an Incubator? What is the difference between Hackerspace and Incubators?

No, it is not an incubator. Hackerspace does not incubate companies or entrepreneurs with business models and ideas. The main difference is hackerspace is a space serving the community to cultivating ideas, as oppose to incubator of companies.

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Amazing stuff that Justin’s trying to get off the ground. Singapore needs more initiatives like this to help sustain the Tech industry here and maybe take it to the next level.