Up in the Air

As a lover of flying, (Don't ask me how a 6'2, 200 pound guy can even appreciate flying in Economy, seriously don't), I found this movie resonant on so many levels. It showed all the aspects of flying that I loved, (coming from a SQ guy all my life I can appreciate the kind of service Mr. Clooney received on American's First). But it is not a film about flying or even of glamorising the act of flying.??Clooney is in a job that sends him flying all over the States, firing people on behalf of those too scared to do it themselves. It is not a sexy job and it is not something that is easy to watch, but somehow Clooney's light touch makes it all seem just this much sexier and this must more fascinating.

But what it is ultimately, is a film about living, about trying to find someone that will complete you. It is unfortunate that Mr. Clooney is not as appreciated as he should be in this film for his fantastic acting. Yes, this has become the Arch-Clooney character, the 50 something guy going through some sort of crisis, all the while in a dapper navy suit and tie. But this is more than that, he is emotional, he finds love and then is crushed by reality, he is the guy in 500 days of Summer, just many years late.

This is not a bad comparison to be honest, Vera Farmiga plays the love interest, the gorgeous lady who flits in and out of Clooney's life, with a reckless abandon, and imitable style. The string of middle class, middle everything hotels, the bad flights, the secret getaways that make life worth living for, all of that jazz. She is sexy but not intimidating, she is determined but not familiar. She is every man's dream mistress, with a secret.

Clooney's protege, the cheery bubbly Anna Kendrick is delicious, she's whip smart but real, not realistic but real. A strong determined woman who wants nothing but the best and to be the best, but is brought to a screeching halt by heart break, which comes as it must. And she is left alone with her selfish SoB of a boss who's trying to mack on that older incredibly sexy lady. It's a testament to the direction that made Ms. Farmiga's wrinkles sexy and Ms. Kendrick's shiny bubbliness seem a bit sterile, almost unattractive.??

Whilst some quarters have derided this as yet another Clooney performance, I think it's more than that, it showed love, life, loss, care, sexual liberation and the sexual privations of travel, simple themes that resonate with this modern viewer and makes me wish I could stay with Mr. Clooney just that little while longer. It is above all a "true" story, one which seems all the more true, because it is fiction.

5/5 Stars. I love the pacing, the look, the feel, the airplane smiles, the loving shots of airports and of the sweeping vistas of American scenery. This movie is love and I cannot wait to get it on Blu-Ray.

Also if you're intending to buy a book and expect such a light hearted and carefree read, Don't. Because the book reads like a slap in the face, and a dirty grind on the dancefloor, guilty pleasures that may or may not make you feel thorough remorse the morning after.


Nine – have I ever seen a much as a spectacle? A bawdy display of flesh, of love, of sin, of feminist tendencies, of genuine passion and above all of Italy. It is a passionate ride that takes you through the live of movie director, Guido Contini played by Daniel Day Lewis. Day Lewis has difficulties as a singing director of a movie, not because he's a bad actor, or he can't sing, but purely because he is surrounded by women of such stature (save perhaps Fergie but more on that later) that even an actor of Lewis' calibre seems almost mediocre. His purely fuelled by his past fame and his desire to capture just one more perfect movie, but this movie is really about the women in his life, the women who propel him, who drive him with an unabiding passion, a thirst.??

You have the mother (Sophia Loren – gorgeous), the friend (Dame Judi Dench in a surprising turn as a French Seamstress), the flirtation, (Kate Hudson – in what must be her worst showing in recent memory as the American Journo, almost dull, and even her song was a fizzle not a bang) the muse, (Nicole Kidman – her first singing part since the Moulin Rouge! and quite delicious as a muse, her pure almost virginal sexuality and her voice remains quite perfect) the whore, (Fergie – Shockingly good, even though she has literally no speaking lines, but what is made clear is that above all else she can perform) and the mistress, (Penelope Cruz – those of you who know me also know of my love for her, her appearance in this movie is almost pure sin, and let's just say her first appearance nearly required me to change my undies.) and finally, the wife (Marion Cotillard – Perfection, a singing, dancing, smouldering lady. A true lady standing by her man's side, that makes you shudder to your core for her husband's infidelity, his creative exhaustion, and his ennui.)

But to comment more generally on the film, it is very well made, and very well directed by Rob Marshall. What is unfortunate however is that all the complaints that I've heard about the lack of structure, and the performances of the actors being wasted, I personally believe that these are the film's strengths. What the critics all seem to miss is that this is a musical, a spectacle, a fun, romp through the fields with a kiss on the lips. To complain that it didn't take itself seriously enough would be foolish in the extreme, I am quite glad however that the entire cast were such monuments to cinema, and in the hands of lesser actors, could possibly have fallen flat on their faces.??

4/5 Stars – I have to give it a number rating. This movie deserves at least that from me.??

Samsung Wave / Bada Exclusive First Look

Samsung Wave / Bada Exclusive First Look

By Daniel %u2022

February 15, 2010


The guys at Samsung Singapore gave us the privileged of getting some hands on time with the Samsung Wave (S8500), Samsung%u2019s first Bada device! Learning from the last time we had such an opportunity, we spent more time with the device, digging out every bit of detail we could think of from the device and the guys at Samsung to bring you this epic 3 part video in 720p HD!

The reason why we spent so much time on this device is because Bada is a brand new platform for smartphones, and it%u2019s performance, features etc could affect the smartphone market. Based on what you are able to see below, I believe you will agree with me that there is a lot of promise in this new platform based on performance (it%u2019s responsiveness etc) and features. Read on for the videos and the specs.

The Samsung Wave:

Samsung Bada (Part 1)

Samsung Bada (Part 2)


Processor / Hardware

  • CPU: Cortex A8 1 Ghz
  • Baseband: Qualcomm
  • Networks: 2.5G (GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE) : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, 3G (WCDMA/ HSPA) : 900/2100 MHz
  • AGPS and Digital Compass
  • 2GB internal memory
  • Bluetooth technology v 3.0
  • USB v2.0 (Full -Speed)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • MicroUSB 2.0
  • microSD (Up to 32GB)


  • 3.3%u201D WVGA (800???480) Super AMOLED with mDNIe and Anti-Smudge Technology


  • 5.0 Megapixel Autofocus camera w/ LED Flash
  • AF Face/Blink Detection, Lomo Shot, Vintage Shot, Beauty Shot, Smile Shot, Panorama Shot, Geo-tagging, Image Editor


  • HD(720p) video playing & recording, 5.1ch Mobile Theater
  • MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, DivX, XviD Video Editor


  • Music Player with SoundAlive, Music Recognition, Music Recommendation
  • DISK UI, 3.5mm Ear Jack, FM Radio / Recording

Other features

  • Integrated Messaging %u2018Social Hub%u2019
  • Samsung Apps (*Availability of Samsung Apps differs by country)
  • TouchWiz 3.0 w/Integrated phonebook, Voice & Motion UI
  • Dolfin Browser 2.0 / One Finger Zoom (up to x10)
  • A-GPS, On/off Board Navigation(3D Map), LBS
  • SMS / MMS / Email / Video Messaging / Exchange ActiveSync Accelerator Sensor, Proximity Sensor, GeoMagnetic Sensor
  • BPP(Basic Printing Profile), OPP(Object Push Profile),
  • PictBridge (USB Printing), Offline & No SIM Mode, Voice Command,
  • RSS Reader, Communities & Mobile Widgets


  • 118 x 56 x 10.9 mm

According to our friends at Samsung, this phone should be out in Singapore around Q2 2010, although no pricing has been released yet. The SDK for the Bada OS is already available at developer.bada.com, although submitting of applications is not open to public until around end February. According to our very own Justin, who looked through the API, there is OpenGL support, meaning you can expect 3D games to be available. Samsung did mention Gameloft and EA as some of the guys who are working on apps for Bada, though nothing is confirmed.

Oh, and they also want you to know that things may change before the device launches in Q2, so not everything here will stay this when by the time you see the Samsung Wave on shelves.

P.S.: Check out the announcement which was live-blogged by Engadget here.

Amazing Amazing Amazing catch by my chums at Tech65. I’m really really looking forward to handling this new phone from Sammy. Their OS looks quite impressive as well!

Valentine’s Day – A Poem

Will you be my Valentine?
A sweet day to share,
A memory without compare,
A song sung sans despair,
A bauble hung with care.

Will you be my Valentine?
With your bright shiny hair,
We shall dine, a pair,
Without your underwear,
oh Dear!

Will you be my Valentine?
Will I be yours once more,
Where will I find you,
If you will ever find me.
Could it be just once,
Once and again?
For me to find/found you, to have/lost you,
and once more, I'm drowning in a bayou.

– To the ladies I've found, lost, and am searching for