Nine – have I ever seen a much as a spectacle? A bawdy display of flesh, of love, of sin, of feminist tendencies, of genuine passion and above all of Italy. It is a passionate ride that takes you through the live of movie director, Guido Contini played by Daniel Day Lewis. Day Lewis has difficulties as a singing director of a movie, not because he's a bad actor, or he can't sing, but purely because he is surrounded by women of such stature (save perhaps Fergie but more on that later) that even an actor of Lewis' calibre seems almost mediocre. His purely fuelled by his past fame and his desire to capture just one more perfect movie, but this movie is really about the women in his life, the women who propel him, who drive him with an unabiding passion, a thirst.??

You have the mother (Sophia Loren – gorgeous), the friend (Dame Judi Dench in a surprising turn as a French Seamstress), the flirtation, (Kate Hudson – in what must be her worst showing in recent memory as the American Journo, almost dull, and even her song was a fizzle not a bang) the muse, (Nicole Kidman – her first singing part since the Moulin Rouge! and quite delicious as a muse, her pure almost virginal sexuality and her voice remains quite perfect) the whore, (Fergie – Shockingly good, even though she has literally no speaking lines, but what is made clear is that above all else she can perform) and the mistress, (Penelope Cruz – those of you who know me also know of my love for her, her appearance in this movie is almost pure sin, and let's just say her first appearance nearly required me to change my undies.) and finally, the wife (Marion Cotillard – Perfection, a singing, dancing, smouldering lady. A true lady standing by her man's side, that makes you shudder to your core for her husband's infidelity, his creative exhaustion, and his ennui.)

But to comment more generally on the film, it is very well made, and very well directed by Rob Marshall. What is unfortunate however is that all the complaints that I've heard about the lack of structure, and the performances of the actors being wasted, I personally believe that these are the film's strengths. What the critics all seem to miss is that this is a musical, a spectacle, a fun, romp through the fields with a kiss on the lips. To complain that it didn't take itself seriously enough would be foolish in the extreme, I am quite glad however that the entire cast were such monuments to cinema, and in the hands of lesser actors, could possibly have fallen flat on their faces.??

4/5 Stars – I have to give it a number rating. This movie deserves at least that from me.??

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