Up in the Air

As a lover of flying, (Don't ask me how a 6'2, 200 pound guy can even appreciate flying in Economy, seriously don't), I found this movie resonant on so many levels. It showed all the aspects of flying that I loved, (coming from a SQ guy all my life I can appreciate the kind of service Mr. Clooney received on American's First). But it is not a film about flying or even of glamorising the act of flying.??Clooney is in a job that sends him flying all over the States, firing people on behalf of those too scared to do it themselves. It is not a sexy job and it is not something that is easy to watch, but somehow Clooney's light touch makes it all seem just this much sexier and this must more fascinating.

But what it is ultimately, is a film about living, about trying to find someone that will complete you. It is unfortunate that Mr. Clooney is not as appreciated as he should be in this film for his fantastic acting. Yes, this has become the Arch-Clooney character, the 50 something guy going through some sort of crisis, all the while in a dapper navy suit and tie. But this is more than that, he is emotional, he finds love and then is crushed by reality, he is the guy in 500 days of Summer, just many years late.

This is not a bad comparison to be honest, Vera Farmiga plays the love interest, the gorgeous lady who flits in and out of Clooney's life, with a reckless abandon, and imitable style. The string of middle class, middle everything hotels, the bad flights, the secret getaways that make life worth living for, all of that jazz. She is sexy but not intimidating, she is determined but not familiar. She is every man's dream mistress, with a secret.

Clooney's protege, the cheery bubbly Anna Kendrick is delicious, she's whip smart but real, not realistic but real. A strong determined woman who wants nothing but the best and to be the best, but is brought to a screeching halt by heart break, which comes as it must. And she is left alone with her selfish SoB of a boss who's trying to mack on that older incredibly sexy lady. It's a testament to the direction that made Ms. Farmiga's wrinkles sexy and Ms. Kendrick's shiny bubbliness seem a bit sterile, almost unattractive.??

Whilst some quarters have derided this as yet another Clooney performance, I think it's more than that, it showed love, life, loss, care, sexual liberation and the sexual privations of travel, simple themes that resonate with this modern viewer and makes me wish I could stay with Mr. Clooney just that little while longer. It is above all a "true" story, one which seems all the more true, because it is fiction.

5/5 Stars. I love the pacing, the look, the feel, the airplane smiles, the loving shots of airports and of the sweeping vistas of American scenery. This movie is love and I cannot wait to get it on Blu-Ray.

Also if you're intending to buy a book and expect such a light hearted and carefree read, Don't. Because the book reads like a slap in the face, and a dirty grind on the dancefloor, guilty pleasures that may or may not make you feel thorough remorse the morning after.

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